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This is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for live accounts. The spread value is unlimited. By default it uses the medium-term strategy "UNIQUE Week" to trade EURUSD. Trade direction is determined using a proprietary algorithm. A trade signal is produced by the MACD indicator. The minimum deposit is calculated taking into account the total volume of a position and is 375 dollars (375 cents for cent accounts). If the deposit is larger than 375, the Expert Advisor will automatically calculate the initial lot to open a position (for example, on the screenshots the deposit is 5000). Minimum recommended leverage is 1:200. To start the Expert Advisor, open the EURUSD chart with the М10 timeframe; run the Expert Advisor and the MACD indicator (to control trade signals) on the chart; in the EA parameters window enable the "Allow Automated Trading" option; press the "AutoTrading" button in the terminal. In tester: set the beginning of testing on Monday and end on Saturday. For live trading, in the EA parameters set the start date and time on Monday (for example, 2016.03.07, 00:15) and the end date and time on Friday (for example, 2016.03.11, 23:45). Also the Expert Advisor can be configured for scalping and long-term trading.

Input Parameters of the EA

  • StartDate - date to begin trading D1
  • StartTime - time to begin trading on D1
  • StopDate - date to end trading D2
  • StopTime - time to end trading on D2
  • UseInversion - change the signal value to opposite
  • UseTimeFrames1 - take into account trend direction on TF1
  • TimeFrames1 - TF1
  • TimeFrames2 - TF2
  • Lots - initial volume to open a position
  • RateDepositForLots - deposit size in the account currency, a variable in the formula Equity/RateDepositForLots*Lots*AutoLotK for auto lot calculation
  • AutoLotK - the initial volume multiplier, the variable in the formula Equity/RateDepositForLots*Lots*AutoLotK for auto lot calculation
  • PeriodFastEmaTf1 - fast EMA period on TF1
  • PeriodSlowEmaTf1 - slow EMA period on TF1
  • PeriodSignalSmaTf1 - SMA period on TF1
  • PriceMacdTf1 - price constant on TF1
  • PeriodFastEmaTf2 - fast EMA period on TF2
  • PeriodSlowEmaTf2 - slow EMA period on TF2
  • PeriodSignalSmaTf2 - SMA period on TF2
  • PriceMacdTf2 - price constant on TF2
  • UseMacdHighLowZero - MACD signal on TF2 to open a long position below 0, to close a long position above 0. Opposite for a short position
  • UseMacdHighLowZeroClose - MACD signal on TF2 to only close a long position above 0. Opposite for a short position
  • UseOpenLong - only Long
  • UseOpenShort - only Short
  • DistanceAvr - minimum distance between trades as % for partial opening of a position
  • LotsFactor - next trade volume multiplier
  • LimitAvr - number of trades
  • NumLimitAvr - index number of a trade to set new take profit
  • TakeProfitAvrNew - new take profit value
  • NumberIncrease - number of trades to increase a position
  • StepIncrease - minimum distance between trades as %
  • VolumeIncrease - trade volume
  • UseCandleCloseIncrease - signal on a completed candlestick
  • UseCloseTimeFrames1 - close positions in case of an opposite signal on TF1
  • UseCloseTimeFrames2 - close positions in case of an opposite signal on TF2
  • UseLevelProfit - consider Level Profit when closing positions in case of an opposite signal on TF2 on the last trade of partial opening of a position
  • LevelProfit - minimum profit as % to close positions in case of an opposite signal on TF2
  • UseRealStop - apply real stop orders
  • StopLoss - stop loss as %
  • TrailingStart - profit level to set trailing as %
  • TrailingStop - trailing distance from the price as %
  • UseCandleCloseTrailingStopLoss - set trailing on a closed candle
  • TrailingStopWithoutMoving - do not move trailing after placing (Without Loss)
  • TakeProfit - take profit as %
  • Slippage - slippage
  • OrderTypeFilling - order execution method
  • MarginLevel - minimum level of margin to close a position
  • PercentLotsMarginLevel - percentage to decrease a position when the minimum level of margin is reached
  • OrderId - order index
  • LineName - name of a virtual order line
  • LineStyle - type of a virtual order lines line
  • LineColorLoss - color of a virtual stop loss line
  • LineColorProfit - color of a virtual take profit line
  • LineWidth - width of a virtual order line
2017.02.13 12:59 

Стратегия "Luxury Relax 775 new" для версии 1.30: тренд точнее, сделок больше, прибыль выше, защита депозита с активной функцией "Safe". Все отлично работает в плюс. Безопасный: даже если по разным причинам советник "слетит" с графика, то вновь установленный с этим же сет-файлом - подхватывает открытые сделки и продолжает ими управлять по стратегии.

2017.01.29 10:33 

Very good, I am glad to have it :)

2017.01.21 07:37 

very profitable and low risk excellent ea. thanks. five stars ;)

2016.08.24 17:30 

Отличный советник! Не забудьте поставить на ребейт сервис.

2016.07.17 21:06 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.07.08 23:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.30 - 2017.01.11
Fixed typo in the EA's external parameters.
Version 1.20 - 2016.12.22
A new parameter has been added for setting the MACD indicator on TF1, it defines trade direction. Code has been optimized. The default setting allows to separately adjust the indicator on TF1. Minimum deposit for that setting is $150. Recommended month by month testing (2016.11.01-2016.12.01 and so on), so as not to allow separate tester errors to have a negative impact on the long testing result.
Version 1.10 - 2016.04.18
Upgraded the algorithm of a differentiated position's next deal volume calculation in case of a minimum initial volume, for example, Lot=0.01, LotFactor=1.1:
0.01*1.1=0.011 - 0.01 (next deal volume). 0.011 is rounded to 0.01 because 0.011 is less than 0.015,
0.011*1.1=0.0121 - 0.01 (next deal volume),
0.0121*1.1=0.01331 - 0.01 (next deal volume),
0.01331*1.1=0.014641 - 0.01 (next deal volume),
0.014641*1.1=0.016105 - 0.02 (next deal volume). 0.016105 is rounded to 0.02 because 0.016105 exceeds 0.015,
0.016105*1.1=0.017716 - 0.02 (next deal volume),
0.017716*1.1=0,019487 - 0.02 (next deal volume),
0.019487*1.1=0.021436 - 0.02 (next deal volume),
0.021436*1.1=0.023579 - 0.02 (next deal volume),
0.023579*1.1=0.025937 - 0.03 (next deal volume). 0.025937 is rounded to 0.03 because 0.025937 exceeds 0.025,
0.025937*1.1=0.028531 - 0.03 (next deal volume), etc.
If the multiplier is less than 1 (for example, 0.9), the next deal's volume is changed to the lower side with the same algorithm.