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One simple helper for your business. One click to open an order to buy or sell with your settings.

You can open more information and to obtain the average of all inputs depending on the setting.

One click on the buttons and operations in this market is done!

Input Parameters

  • Comments -Additional comment to orders
  • Lots - Initial lot.
  • Lot exponent - The value the lot should be multiplied by when the next generation is placed
  • Maximum lot size- The maximum size of the lot.
  • Magic number
  • Take profit
  • Take profit for more position
  • Trailling -True/False
  • Trailing Start- After how many pips trailing should start
  • Trend Pips
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing stop level. 0 - disabled.
  • Deposit StopLoss -Common stop loss triggered when reaching a specified drawdown percentage regardless of the amount of open orders. The value is calculated from the current funds.
  • Information -True/False
2017.09.27 13:20 

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Vratislav Tukal
2017.05.22 10:56 

very good utility for manual trading...