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Meet The Focker

An innovative self-optimizing tick trader

The idea for this EA was initially born back in mid 2014's. First attempts of realization were Unisoldier Gold and Unisoldier Silver robots which deliver amazingly good performance on demo accounts but are not able to show the same results on live because of slippage-related problems.

Though the stability (even only on demo) that came from analyzing and filtering the real tick-to-tick price, speed, average speed and direction versus OHLC technical analysis, made me consider various options for reducing live account slippage, and the most successful I have got was in NewsGrabber Platinum Elite project where I implemented several techniques still unknown to some EA developers: I was first to use floating pending orders, dynamic (time-weighted) floating pending orders, early connection session opening and more which resulted in 9 months live good performance on AUD with one of the brokers with huge commissions (any news trader that does that?)

Meet The Focker does not use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, news trading or breakout scalping. It has its own logic combined with experience and innovations from previous projects. I have still to add more important updates and improvements and you have an opportunity to own it now for a lowest amount. The EA works best on GBPUSD at any timeframe (as it uses actual ticks instead of candles). Trades with buy orders. Fast VPS is highly recommended (I consider MetaQuotes VPS to be an ideal solution) along with five-digit ECN broker with good execution and zero stop level. Minimum deposit/account equity - 50 (50 cents for cent accounts).

Meet The Focker v1.312 comes with an additional strategy, in order to use it, please follow the recommendations below: Please, launch the EA on M1, M5 or M15 timeframe (it will execute same trades regardless). DO NOT attach it to multiple charts, EA will analyse and trade necessary pairs from one single chart of your choice. However, only the current chart will be used in strategy tester (GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURGBP, USDCHF, USDJPY pairs are recommended).

Additional (since version 1.312) Inputs

  • TRADING MODE: UPCKGI strategy or MTF (original) strategy;
  • instrument prefix (if any);
  • instrument middlefix (if any);
  • instrument suffix (if any);
  • fixed lotsize: fixed lotsize for orders (used if trade risk = 0);
  • trade risk (percent of balance): risk per trade (as a percent of balance);
  • magic number: order magic number;
  • comment: order comment;
  • suspend trading (defaults for: GMT +2): hour to suspend trading. Important: change according to your broker's timezone;
  • resume trading (defaults for: GMT +2): hour to resume trading. Important: change according to your broker's timezone;

External Inputs (original strategy)

  • Trade Risk in Percent: percent of account balance to risk per trade/position.
  • Fixed Lotsize: If more than zero, prevails over Trade Risk in Percent.
  • Break Even: Profit in points for Breakeven to be activated.
  • Break Even Lock: Points to secure after Breakeven's activation.
  • Trailing Stop: Trailing Stop in points.
  • Trail Delay: Wait this much pips before moving a trailing stop.
  • Imminent Trailing Stop: If true, a trailing stop will be activated without order being in profit.
  • Friday Close Hour (Server): Hour to close orders on Friday (by MT4 server time).
  • Max Spread Filter: If spread exceeds this value, orders are not sent.
UPCKGI stands for "update package one" and is an update which contains improvements for existing trade logic as well as a new standalone strategy. Several of my EAs got this update, some of them retain its original strategy while some of them are completely changed.
Chris Mechen
2016.12.01 13:40 

another great product from this author,cant wait for the w12Quad Turbo!five stars for customer support also thanks Beasarion!

Plamen Ivanov
2016.11.05 06:20 

Promising results with the new version.

2016.11.03 14:51 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.11.03 14:48 

Amazing product!

2016.04.18 02:51 

loose alot money on my peperstone razor account with vps, decide to remove no only this ea but all breakout scalp ea BREAKOUT SCALP EA NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Dmitry Skorovarov
2016.04.08 17:51 

On the Euro, as expected, and works great. Thanks again!

Version 1.330 - 2016.12.07
- Removed DLL Restriction
- Minor Improvements
Version 1.320 - 2016.12.02
- Fixed the timing filter
- Fully automated timing filter (live trading)
- Automatic access to required pairs
Version 1.312 - 2016.10.31
- CHANGELOG v1.312
Version 1.311 - 2016.04.14
-- 1. Added a workaround to check open positions and add SL if it is 0
-- 2. Added UniStop Order counter in GUI

-- CHANGELOG v1.31
-- 1. Supports more currencies
-- 2. Fixed RectLabel Delete and Create errors
-- 3. Added day filter
-- 4. Added two trading hour filters

-- CHANGELOG v1.311
-- 1. Minor improvements
-- 2. More info is included in order comment for analysis
Version 1.234 - 2016.04.05
-- CHANGELOG v1.220
-- 1. Added Sell Orders & trading modes
-- 2. Added Spread vs Max Spread Indicator
-- 3. Added Max Speed Limit
-- 4. Entry Speed is written in comments for analysis
-- 5. Expert Allows To be used on M1 timeframe only
-- 6. Added Minimum Average Speed Filter
-- 7. Added Reverse (Not available for "UniStop")
-- 8. Added Optional Trend Filters
-- 9. Added Open Positions / Orders Indicator
-- 10. Nicer Information Panel

-- CHANGELOG v1.232
-- 1. Added 2 optional limit orders /w separate risk management and expiration for each
-- 2. Fixed object not found issue when backtesting in non-visual mode
-- 3. Added UniStop Strategy
-- 4. Tested live and on Tick data (contact author for real trading set files)
-- 5. Minor Fixes

-- CHANGELOG v1.233
-- 1. Strict Debug and Bugfixes

-- CHANGELOG v1.234
-- 1. Retested and fine-tuned Each Strategy on 99.9% every tick data