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The CatForex is an expert advisor to detect trend or reverse trend to place orders.

This system is built based on consideration of the safety of the capital.

Performs a limited number of transactions having large success rate.


Expert works well in EURUSD pair and M1 time frame.

Please choose a broker with low commission and tight spread.


  • MagicNumber - Special ID for each order (if that = 0, expert generate automatic an ID).
  • MaxSpread - Max accepted spread (if that = 0, expert not have limit spread).
  • PeriodBB - Period of indicator
  • BarsCountRange - Bars to use for calculate prices range.
  • PipsRange - Limit range in pips.
  • DivisorPriceBend - Divisor price to get bend of trend.
  • DivisorPriceStraight - Divisor price to get straight of trend.
  • TrailingStopLoss - A switch to use or not trailing stop loss.
  • OrdersStopLoss - Stop loss for each order in pips.
  • OrdersTakeProfit - Take profit for each order in pips.
  • AutoLotSize - A switch to use automatic lot size.
  • RiskFactor - Risk factor to calculate automatic lot size.
  • ManualLotSize - Manual lot size (If not use AutoLotSize).
  • UseTimeWindow - A switch to use time filter.
  • TimeStartTrade - Time to start trading in HH:MM:SS format.
  • TimeStopTrade - Time to stop trading in HH:MM:SS format.
  • StopTradeFriday - A switch to stop or not trading in Friday night.
  • TimeStopFriday - Time to stop trading in Friday in HH:MM:SS format.
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