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Half Trend


This multicurrency Expert Advisor is based on standard Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicators with additional parameters and filtration in order to confirm opening orders according to Relative Strength Index (RSI) or optionally by signal EMA. Orders are opened when the fast EMA crosses the slow one or vice versa and the signal is confirmed by filtering signals.

Parameters (recommended optimization range):

  • Magic index – EA's order magic number
  • Lots – trading lot
  • UseMM – enable/disable MM
  • LotsPer1000 – (if UseMM enabled) lot per thousand currency units
  • Take Profit – take profit in points (1-800, add 0 for 5-digit quotes)
  • Stop Loss – stop loss in points (recommended 1-200, add 0 for 5-digit quotes)
  • Trailing Stop – trailing length in points (0 – disabled)
  • Step Trailing Stop – trailing step in points (0 – disabled)
  • Fast EMA Period – fast EMA period (1-200)
  • Slow EMA Period – slow EMA period (1-200)
  • Signal MA – enable/disable signal MA
  • Close signal MA – enable/disable signal MA to close deals
  • Signal EMA Period – signal MA period (1-250)
  • RCI Period – RSI period (1-200)
  • RCI Level Buy – RSI level for buying (0-100)
  • RCI Level Sell – RSI level for selling (0-100)
  • Max Frequency Minutes – limit order opening time within a specified period (100-1 000)
  • Max Opened Trades – maximum amount of open orders (1-4)

The EA can work both with Stop Loss/Take Profit and without them. In the latter case, Stop Loss and Take Profit are replaced with the RSI reverse signal or enabled Close signal MA.

Re-optimize the parameters from time to time to ensure stable operation. Optimization frequency, parameters and timeframe are selected for each symbol individually. I recommend launching the EA on multiple symbols to diversify the balance. Loss-making periods may occur sometimes. If you run into one, disable the EA on the symbol, at which the series of losses has happened. Use only 1-3% of the deposit in trading. Statistical data is critical.

2016.10.14 16:31   

can u check your messages as i cant get it to trade ?


Version 1.2 - 2016.04.07
Minor bugfix
Version 1.1 - 2016.03.17

1. Improved the accuracy of opening an order at indicators' crossings
2. Added money management MM (true/false)
3. Added optional filter "Signal MA" to confirm a market entry by signal EMA (true/false)
4. Added an extra option "Close signal MA" to close a deal by signal EMA (true/false)