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On the wave

Modified Commodity Channel Index

This multicurrency Expert Advisor is based on standard Commodity Channel Index (CCI) with additional parameters. The robot includes several trading strategies:

  1. Initial strategy. Taking a small Take Profit from the symbol movement. Take Profit activation probability is high.
  2. Breakthrough of CCI levels. The buy signal is triggered after the upper level is reached, while the sell one is activated after reaching the lower level.
  3. The third strategy is similar to the second one, though its trading principle is reversed. If the upper level is crossed downwards, the sell signal is activated. If the lower level is crossed upwards, the buy one is triggered.

Parameters (recommended optimization range):

  • Magic index – EA's order magic number
  • Lots – initial trading lot
  • Max Opened Trades – maximum amount of open orders (1-4)
  • UseMM – enable/disable MM
  • LotsPer1000 – (autolot) lot per each thousand currency units
  • Take Profit Points – take profit in points (recommended 1-200)
  • Stop Loss Points – stop loss in points (recommended 1-200)
  • Trailing Stop Points – trailing length in points (0 – disabled)
  • Step trall – trailing step in points (0 – disabled)
  • CCI Period – CCI period (10-180)
  • CCI Level – CCI levels for buying and selling (from -280 to 280)
  • Max Frequency Minutes – limit opening orders within the specified period (300-600)

The EA can work both with Stop Loss/Take Profit and without them. In the latter case, Stop Loss and Take Profit are replaced with the CCI reverse signal.

Re-optimize the parameters from time to time to ensure stable operation. Optimization frequency, parameters and timeframe are selected for each symbol individually. I recommend launching the EA on multiple symbols to diversify the balance. Loss-making periods may occur sometimes. If you run into one, disable the EA on the symbol, at which a series of losses has happened. Use only 1-3% of the deposit in trading. Statistical data is critical.

Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.16 12:57 


Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.05.02 19:06 

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