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Experts on indicators DCMV lite

The EA implements the reversal strategy using the DCMV trading channel indicator. After the first trade, the EA constantly remains in the market.

The middle and reference lines of the indicator are compared to define the trade direction. Channel breakout serves as the market breakout point. The lower breakout border is analyzed for BUY market orders, while the higher one is analyzed for SELL ones.


input int  DCMV_diapason_SLOW=400; // Number of bars, used in calculation of DCMV SLOW
input int  DCMV_diapason_FAST=60;  // Number of bars, used in calculation of DCMV FAST
input int  DCMV_history=55;        // History depth

The DCMV_diapason_SLOW variable is used to calculate the middle and reference lines of the indicator.

The DCMV_diapason_FAST and DCMV_history variables are necessary to calculate the trading channel borders of the indicator.

Additional info:

  • You can trade manually using the indicator signals (BUY and SELL signals are displayed in the upper left corner of the chart);
  • During a position reversal, orders set manually are considered as well. In other words, the position is completely closed and then opened in the opposite direction with a volume of 0.01;
  • During the optimization, more than 90% of passes are profitable. Therefore, we can be sure the optimization is genuine and not just a simple fitting of inputs.

The current version limitations:

  • You can open only one market order with the volume of 0.01;
  • You can trade only EURUSD M1.
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