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Trend Buy EMA2 MACDh


This indicator uses two Exponential Moving Averages and MACD in order to arbitrate for uptrending indication. It suggests Buy Position when MACD Histogram is ascending and the EMA Fast curve is above the EMA Slow curve. It can be used, for example, in association with the Elder's Triple Screen strategy for buy positioning.

In the same chart window, the indicator marks in green the area between low price and max price, where a High Trending is identified.

Indications conditions:

  • High Trend:
    • EMA Fast [current] > EMA Slow [current]
    • MACD Histogram [current] > MACD Histogram [previous]


  • EMA_FAST_PERIOD: Period of the EMA Fast
  • EMA_SLOW_PERIOD: Period of the EMA Slow
  • MACD_FAST_PERIOD: Fast Period of the MACD
  • MACD_SLOW_PERIOD: Slow Period of the MACD
  • MACD_SIGN_PERIOD: Signal Period of the MACD
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