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Laguerre Channel MT5

The Laguerre Channel indicator draws the price channel. Due to the early detection of the trend direction the channel is able to adapt quickly and to keep the price in the channel. The indicator is based on the moving average of the Laguerre. The channel considers the volatility of the previous bars and plots the dynamic channel width on their basis. The direction and the strength of the trend are also considered, based on that data the upper and lower lines of the channel can stay ahead of the middle line, thus trying to keep the price in the channel.


  • gamma - smoothing coefficient
  • Shift - shift
  • Applied_Price - applied price
  • Filters Qty - the number of filters from 1 to 10, the more filters, the more smoothing.
  • Deviation - channel width
  • Volatility - volatility of the previous bars to determine the dynamic channel width
  • Trend_Dynamic - the acceleration factor of the channel adjustment to the trend
  • Channel_Average - the smoothing factor the upper and lower channel line
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