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MyMT4Book provides instant MT4 account analysis by Magic Number, Trade Comment or Symbol. MyMT4Book was built to analyze MetaTrader accounts and do it in seconds. With MyMT4Book you can get trade statistics fast and right on your MT4 chart window.

This is DEMO version of MyMT4Book indicator which is limited to show only first 2 rows of statistics information. Full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/14736

The main idea of the indicator is to monitor and choose winning strategies when you use many strategies on the same MT4 account. You can test more than 100 strategies on the same MT4 account to save computer/VPS resources, but it gets close to impossible to monitor each strategy. MyMT4Book allows you to spot winning strategies easily, just make sure each of your strategy uses unique "magic number" or "trade comment".

How to use MyMT4Book

MyMT4Book indicator should be attached to a separate chart of any time frame and any symbol (currency pair). When you attach indicator to the chart, it will hide everything it can find and only display account history analysis.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to turn on "All History" in the "Account History" tab at the bottom of your MT4 account so that the indicator gets access to all of your trading history.

MyMT4Book inputs are self-explanatory and requires minimal input from your side.

Basically all you have to do is set two parameters:

  1. Choose how you want to group results: By magic number, trade comment or symbol.
  2. Choose how you want to sort results: By total number of trades, total profit/loss, maximum drawdown, return/drawdown ratio or profit factor.
Indicator does not scan open trades. It will only scan closed trades and group them as you wish.

You can run multiple instances of the MyMT4Book if you open additional chart window for each indicator instance. You can have any combinations of indicator settings you want. This way you can monitor trading history from different angles.


Rimantas Petrauskas, programmer, software engineer and algorithmic Forex trader.

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