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Pound Aussie EA

Pound Aussie EA


This is a complex and highly customizable Expert Advisor designed specifically for the GBPAUD symbol.

Positions are opened by the signals of the original indicators with consideration of the volatility over a certain time interval and the support/resistance levels for the maximum accuracy of the market entries.

Adaptive algorithm for maintaining orders.


  • Working currency pair/timeframe: GBPAUD M5.
  • Uses market orders.
  • Slippage, spread or commission don't matter.
  • Suitable for any broker and any account type.


  • Symbol: GBPAUD
  • Timeframe: М5
  • Deposit: from $2500 per 0,01 lot

Change in the parameters:

LOTs, set the money management according to the size of your deposit and your preferences.

Do not change anything else!


  • МАs - Moving Average settings
  • RSI - RSI settings
  • Trade Levels - Enable/disable trading by levels.
  • Filter MA - Enable/disable MA operations (works only at Trade Levels - true )
  • Each Level - every N-th level (in points) if 500, then the EA considers every level equal to 500.
  • Execute on Price Touch - Level handling when the price touches the level or when a candle closes on it.
  • EndLvl_Trading_Buy\Sell triggering limiter at the level.
  • Freeze After TP - true/false, the time interval for the EA to pause trading once a TP is triggered.
  • Freeze Minutes - The break after a TP is specified in minutes.

  • Profit Count - amount of profit gained after the start of the EA.
  • Take Profit 1 - ТР of the 1-st order (in old points)
  • Take Profit 2 - ТР from the 2-nd order (common for two orders)
  • Take Profit 3 - ТР from the 3-rd order (common for three orders)
  • Stop Loss - SL for the order or for the order basket.
  • Break Even Level - Plus N points (in old points) to the breakeven from the 4-th level inclusive.
  • MoveBE Lvl - forced transfer to breakeven on the specified level, if (0) then disabled.
  • MoveBE Perсent - forced transfer to breakeven by the account drawdown percentage, if (0) then disabled.
  • TP_BE - breakeven, plus the specified number of points, if (0) then a simple BE. (Works only in conjunction with MoveBE Lvl)
  • Stop_Trading - force stops the trading session after reaching profit as a percentage of the total account deposit. If the value is (0.0) - disabled.
  • Stop_Trading _After_TP - if true, the Expert Advisor stops the trading session only after the open positions are closed by TP.
  • Both Directions - true/false, trading and placing the basket in both directions.
  • PIP Steps - distance between orders (in old points)

  • First Lot - fixed size of the base lot if Auto Lot - false
  • Auto Lot - true/false
  • Lot_Size – Base lot size.
  • Lot_MM – Size of the deposit to the base lot.
  • Spread Filter - Spread filter.
  • Day Filter - Filter by day of week.
  • Time Filter - Time filter.
  • Use Time Zone - true/false
  • Add Any Time - true/false, continue plotting the order basket once the trading time ends.
  • Move to BE - Forced transfer to breakeven when the trading time ends.
  • Time Zone Start - trading start time.
  • Time Zone End - trading end time.
  • Use Daily Close - true/false forced closure at the specified time.
  • Daily Close Time - time to force close all the open positions.
  • Close Trades on Friday - true/false Stop trading and close all positions on Friday.
  • Friday Close Time - Time to stop trading and close all positions on Friday.


VPS is required.

For best results, use the leverage of 1:500 and more;

Does not comply with FIFO.

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Version 1.1 - 2016.04.12
Version 1.1
- Improved the algorithm for maintaining orders.
- Optimized the list of input parameters.