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FIA EA uses MA value, stochastic value and certain candle patterns for market entries and exits.

Careful and strategic trading

Works on all symbols and for certain platform with special symbols there are strings to change in my symbol setting to fit in those requirements. On the other hand, users have to change the lot size setting correspondingly for those products with minimum lots set to 0.1 or 1.0 lot.

Traders can open trades on certain product based on the movement of H1 period candles pattern. But be careful, drawing this EA on different period’s charts of the same currency pair or product may not trigger the same market entries.

Changing the magic seed number enables users to run this EA with other EAs. It can also run on different periods for same currency pair or even run more than one FIA EAs on the same currency pair with adjusting the parameter of magic seed.

Testing result

A testing of the default parameters has been done to this EA on EUDUSD. The testing result has been given as shown in the screenshots.

To make this EA performing better, the users have to test this EA for themselves to get the preferred parameters before trading.

FIA EA is able to work on both small fund and large deposit with variation of those parameters in setting.

Input Parameter Setting

Core Setting:

  • StopLoss - value of position stoploss level
  • TakeProfit - value of position takeprofit level
  • The Maximum Lotsize you would like to use - Maximum lotsize willing to use
  • The Minimum Lotsize you would like to use- Minimum lotsize willing to use
  • Number from which to compute magic number - magic seed value
  • Lotsize of Trade variation 1-20 - after a loss of trade, the lostsize can be changed to a different preferred value. Consecutive losses can trigger these parameters working. A profit position would reset the lostsize to default (Lotsize of the first trade).
  • Max trade number - default max trade number is set to 1. User can adjust these number to make EA open more position when the market entry triggered.

Stochastic Settings:

  • KPeriod - K value
  • Dperiod - D value
  • Slowing - Slowing amount
  • MA Method - users can change the MA drawing method to simple, exponential, smoothed and linear. The default is simple.

Rist Management setting:

  • UseTrailingStop - there are two ways of trailing. Regular trailing and candle trailing. The default of this EA is not using trailing stop.


  • Enter the first six letters of the custom symbol name - this setting needs user to enter their special symbol that they want to trade. The default symbols that this EA can recognize are those symbols beginning with in 6 letters length:

USDJPY,USDCHF,USDCAD,NZDUSD,NZDCHF,NZDJPY,NZDCAD,GBPUSD,GBPNZD,GBPJPY,GBPCHF,GBPCAD,GBPAUD,EURUSD,EURNZD,EURJPY,EURGBP,EURCHF,EURCAD,EURAUD,CHFJPY,CADJPY,CADCHF,AUDUSD,AUDNZD,AUDJPY,AUDCHF and AUDCAD. Symbols with first six characters other than these, users have to enter it for themselves in order to make EA work. Like trading #German100, simply enter the first 6 letters #Germa in the slot to enable trade.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 04:58 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.28 04:37 

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Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.07.13 11:08 

Nice work.

Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2016.06.05 17:22 

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