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Four Signals

Expert Advisor that is designed for 10 minute Binary Options trades.

The expert constantly analyses at least four different indicators and builds up a confidence score to trade.

Analysis occurs on at least the RSI, CCI, Stochastic indicator, and Bollinger Bands.

Expert is highly accurate on very volatile currencies and commodities especially.

The user is able to set:

  1. The expiry time out length
  2. Thresholds for trading confidence level
  3. Multipliers for specific indicators
  4. Investment amounts

As the main factors. Other inputs can be:

  • Log file name
  • folder to store logs
  • Whether to use sound or not for alerts
  • Start and end minute times
  • RSI multipliers and thresholds
  • CCI multipliers and thresholds
  • Bollinger Band multipliers and thresholds
  • Stochastic multipliers and thresholds
Multipliers work by multiplying the RSI, CCI, Bollinger and Stochastic values by user defined amounts and with user defined thresholds. What this does is it adds up the multiplied values and gives a confidence score. Once the confidence score is reached or exceeded, (the confidence score is also defined by the user), a trade will be made on Autotrade, and a notification will be popped off to mobile and screen popup.

Notification and trade history is saved in a log file as well, as a CSV file, so that traders can analyse their data at their leisure too.

This expert can be used in conjunction with the many Binary Options plugins for MetaTrader 4, or as a standalone expert. The orders are placed via the plugin BO API, but if you do not use a plugin, you will still be able to trade and receive signals on your mobile device or as pop up notification windows in your MetaTrader 4 console.

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