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The EA opens pending orders. Their type is defined by the TypeOrder parameter. After that, the order moves together with the price at the distance defined by the Distance parameter. The order modification is stopped after the time set in TimerModOrders expires.

After the expiration, the order waits for activation. Orders are closed by trailing stop. Pending order type (Buy or Sell) is defined automatically by the Moving Average (MA) direction: if MA changes its direction, the pending order is removed automatically and set in the right direction. The maximum drawdown management function in % of the balance is used to protect the deposit.


  • LotPercent - money management;
  • ManualLot - initial lot;
  • Long - enable/disable long positions;
  • Short - enable/disable short positions;
  • TypeOrder - pending order type;
  • Distance - pending order distance from the current price;
  • TimerModOrders - time of an order modification together with the current price in seconds;
  • Magic - EA magic number;
  • Coment - trade comments;
  • MA_Period - MA period;
  • MA_TimeFrame - MA timeframe;
  • MA_Method - MA method;
  • MA_Price - prices used for MA calculation;
  • MA_Shift - MA shift relative to the price chart;
  • StepGrid - step of order grid opening;
  • StepKoef - multiplier of order grid opening step; 1 = fixed step;
  • LotsKoef - lot multiplier for order grid; 1 = fixed lot;
  • TrailStopGrid - trailing stop of order grid;
  • TrailStepGrid - trailing step;
  • Pyramid - enable/disable the function of order pyramiding application;
  • StepPyramid - order pyramid step;
  • BreakevenPyramid - breakeven step for order pyramid;
  • TrailStopPyramid - trailing stop for an order pyramid;
  • TrailStepPyramid - trailing step for an order pyramid;
  • ControlDD - enable/disable maximum drawdown management;
  • MaxDD - maximum drawdown in % of the deposit.
Use a VPS server for the EA uninterrupted operation. Good luck!
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