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Ultimate Scalper

Ultimate Scalper © is a scalper EA with flexible configuration of parameters, which allows to collect a diversified portfolio of strategies. The EA trades the breakouts of price levels detected using the EA's own algorithms. The idea behind the strategy is that such levels usually contain pending orders of the market participants trading breakouts, as well as stop losses of even larger number of traders. As a result, when the breakout occurs, triggered pending orders and stop losses push the price even further providing a good opportunity to make profit using a short-term trade.

The EA has a great potential, but it must not become widespread in order to preserve its efficiency. Sales of the robot are limited.

The trader's deposit is always protected from sudden losses by a tight stop loss in every trade, built-in algorithm of lot adjustment depending on the volatility, and also the fact that the EA allows to perform diversified trading using a portfolio of strategies, gaining less potential losses and more stable potential growth of the deposit. This EA has been specially designed for trading EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, XAU/USD, as these popular symbols have the best ratio of [volatility]/[spread], which is especially important for using short trades, and also because the more popular instruments have more distinct regularities of crowds behavior, which are exploited in the EA operation. The Expert Advisor does not use risky methods, like the Martingale technique and averaging.

Monitorings of the EA operation with different settings are available here. All the set files for the settings are published in the "Comments", currently there are eight set files for four instruments.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Trade_Lot - trading lot.
  • Balance - set the value > 0 to enable automatic lot calculation using the equation: [account balance / Balance * Trade_Lot].
  • Stoploss - stop loss in points.
  • Takeprofit - take profit in points.
  • Trail_step - set the value > 0, if it is necessary to use a trailing stop with a step equal to the value of Trail_step in points.
  • Breakeven_pips - set the value > 0, if it is necessary to move the stop loss to breakeven after reaching profit equal to the value of Breakeven_pips in points.
  • Quality - conditional quality level of trade entry point. (set from 1 to 150)
  • Accuracy - conditional accuracy level of trade entry. (set from 1 to 150)
  • Comment - order comment.
  • MagicNumber - order magic number, specify different numbers when working with a portfolio.
spy0n 2016.07.18 08:51 

I tested the product and it seems a very good scalper (maybe scalper is not a right word because it not generates only 1-2 pips.... sometimes it takes over 100pips). It is a long term expert and the most important thing is that you can adapt to your own strategy. The author is very responsive and gave me all the necessary informations.