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PosiPips is a scalping, fully automatic Expert Advisor. It uses critical breakthrough price points based on Daily and H4 timeframes. It averages about 2-3 trades a day per currency traded.

PosiPips Expert Advisor trades on the M1 chart and is optimized for EURUSD on an ECN account with average spread of 5 points. Other low spread symbols can be traded as well with optimizing, or using settings posted on the live account monitoring link. It should only be used on an ECN account with a max average spread of six or less points. A VPS or MetaTraders hosting is also a plus. I will most likely post more set files for other pairs after they are tested.

The money management system allows you to trade low risk with a very low drawdown, or higher risk for a greater return. Each trade is protected by a tight stop loss.

There is no martingale, grid, or hedging involved. You can start with as little as $100 deposit with higher leverage.

Backtest Results

On a high risk setting of 5.0, PosiPips having an initial deposit of $300, earned $232,625 on EURUSD M1 in a two year period from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015. Maximal drawdown was only 13.45%, relative drawdown was 25.78%. A safer risk of setting of 2.0 reduces the relative drawdown to 10.68%, while still achieving a descent profit of $18,336 from an initial deposit of $300.

GBPUSD M1 performed even better on backtesting. With a high risk setting of 5.0, and the same $300 initial deposit, PosiPips earned $784,622. Drawdown was only 19.21% with a profit factor of 2.75. A risk setting of 2.0 gained $56,299 and a 9.93% drawdown.

All testing was done using real tick data and 99.9% modeling and a 6 point spread. PosiPips has been coded to perform backtesting as quickly as possible (LabelOn function will turn off automatically during optimizing and non-visual backtesting).

You can receive similar data by downloading the demo version and testing it, but you must use real tick data with 99.9% modeling, or the results are meaningless.

Forward Test Results (because everyone knows that backtesting only paints half the picture)

Real live account monitoring with high risk setting of 5.0 trading multiple currencies. - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/165968


I have tried to keep the settings as simple as possible. All defaults are for EURUSD M1. GBPUSD and any other settings will be posted on the live account link above.

  • MagicNumber: Magic Number so it will play nice with other EA's (default 99999)
  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread allowed for a trade to open (5 or 6 recommended - default 10)
  • LabelOn: Turn on/off display screen info (default True)
  • TradeComment: Name to be displayed in trade comments (recommend changing to something less descriptive - Default Posi-Pips)
  • UseTrailStop: Turn on/off trailing stop loss (default True)
  • MMLotSizePercent: Risk setting (2 - Low Risk, 5 - High Risk; Default 3)
  • TrailingStep: Steps to trail after trailing start jump (Default 0.5)
  • TrailingStart: Trailing will jump to this level when trail stop is activated (Default 0.5)
  • MaxLots: Maximum lot size to be traded (Default 100)
  • PeriodStep: Used for optimizing other pairs (Default 7)
  • TakeProfit: When position will take profit if stop or trail is not hit (Default 50)
  • HighLowOffset: Used for optimizing other pairs (Default 0)
  • TrailingStop: When position will begin to use trail stop if activated (3 Recommended - Default 5)
  • PeriodStart: Used for optimizing other pairs (Default 1)
  • StopLoss: Maximum loss position will incur (Default 7)
  • ECN: Turn on/off if ECN account (ECN account highly recommended - default True)
  • Slippage: Maximum slippage allowed (default 3)
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