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Specialized Z

The Expert Advisor places a grid of BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP pending orders (the amount of orders depends on the orders parameter). The orders above and below are placed at the distance of the level parameter value from the market price. The distance between the orders is equal to the step parameter. Next, the EA analyses the market price change rate and makes the decision on deletion of the orders, which fall into the corridor of the level parameter (the orders left out of the corridor are deleted as well). All this allows not to update all those orders (which is impossible in a volatile market), but to simply delete one or two of them, which do not satisfy the logic of the EA.

Even though the chart shows the points, where we do not fully realize the potential profit, but we always have the profit by fixed StopLoss and TakeProfit. By default, the expert places BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP orders. If necessary, it is possible to trade in a single direction. To do that change the value of the Buy=1 or Sell=1 parameter to any other value than 1.

The EA implements the automatic recalculation of the Lots parameter. Thorough testing has shown good trading results in almost all pairs and brokers with the accuracy of rounding quotes to 4 or 5 digits.


  1. Lots - trade volume;
  2. Risk - parameter that increases the trade volume (value 0 disables the parameter, value 10 increases the Lots by 10 times) ;
  3. StopLoss - Stop Loss level;
  4. TakeProfit - Take Profit level;
  5. step - distance between orders in points;
  6. orders - amount of BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP orders;
  7. level - distance from the market price to open the first order;
  8. Buy - parameter that enables trading BUY_STOP orders (value 0 disables trading);
  9. Sell - parameter that enables trading SELL_STOP orders (value 0 disables trading);

Recommended values

Parameter 4 Digits 5 Digits
Lots 0.1
Risk 5
StopLoss 10 100
TakeProfit 10
step 10.0 100.0
orders 20
level 15 150
Buy 1
Sell 1
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