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RSI Fisher

Expert Advisor is based on the classic indicator - Relative Strength Index (RSI).

This RSI trading system can trade in two RSI trading styles. If you set the Trading Style parameter to 'Center Mode', EA will trade over one center level the one you will enter. E.g. if you set value 50, EA will enter Buy when the RSI indicator is more than 50 and SELL when under 50 level line. Also you can reverse the system using parameter called Entry Mode (Normal, Reverse). If you set Trading Style to 'High-Low Mode', you will be able to set your custom two RSI levels. E.g. set 70 for High and 30 for Low, EA will Sell when RSI indicator hits the 70 level, and Buys when under 30. This way you have yourself market lows and highs.

As a rule says "Sell high, Buy low!"...

You can choose how you want to control the lots size management. If your choice is 'Unique' the lot of buy orders and sell orders can also be managed separately (e.g. B: 0.01; S: 0.01; S: 0.02; S: 0.03; B: 0.02; etc...).

If your choice is 'Sequential' the lot of buy orders and sell orders can also be managed sequential and ascending

(e.g. S: 0.01; S: 0.02; B: 0.03; S: 0.04; B: 0.05).

[S - sell order; B - buy order]


  • Customizable lot size management
  • 2 different trading styles (Center mode or High-Low mode)
  • EA featured with full settings and reverse system


  • ECN Broker - True if you are using an ECN account, False if you are using a non-ECN account/Standard account. It is not a problem to set it to True on all account types.
  • Portion - the balance of the percentage used (1-100).
  • Risk Mode - choice of your risk (Conservative, Normal, Aggressive).
  • Auto Start Lot - first lot is calculated automatically.
  • Fixed Start Lot - fixed first lot size (manual).
  • Expected Profit - the EA tries closing the all open positions with a minimum profit set in Expected Profit.
  • Max Trades - maximum number of trades (buy & sell).
  • Max Sum Lots - maximum total value of lots (buy & sell).
  • Max Spread - maximum spread value (in points).
  • Lots Type - choice of lot size management.
  • RSI Period - applied Relative Strength Index period.
  • Trading Style - choice of trading style (Center, High-Low).
  • Entry Mode - choice of entry type (Normal, Reverse).
  • High Level - overbought level of the RSI indicator.
  • Center Level - center level of the RSI indicator.
  • Low Level - oversold level of the RSI indicator.
  • Daily Start Time - daily trading starting time (HH:MM).
  • Daily End Time - daily trading ending time (HH:MM).
  • Weekly Start Day - choice of trading starting day.
  • Weekly Start Time - trading starting time (HH:MM).
  • Weekly End Day - choice of trading ending day.
  • Weekly End Time - trading ending time (HH:MM).
  • Magic Number - identifier of the EA's orders. Attention! Magic Number must be different at the same pairs.


The Expert Advisor uses tick data. Please backtest in "every tick" mode and play to find the best parameters and minimum amount required.

If you have any question, please contact me before buying!

Enjoy, and happy trading!

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Version 1.2 - 2016.03.28
The buttons did not work in the Strategy Tester with visual mode.
Because the chart event handler is disabled by MetaTrader.
I had found a solution for it and repaired it.

So you can use the buttons in visual mode!
Version 1.1 - 2016.03.11
New features:
- Statistics label
- Control panel
- Manual management options

1. Statistics label:
You can see:
- Turn: how many trade-groups were so far
- Spread: actual value of Spread
- RSI: actual value of RSI indicator
- Prof.Per.Point: price of one point movement
- Maximum trades: so far most of the trades in a turn.
- Minimum profit: the smallest profit
- Maximum progit: the largest profit

2. Control panel:
There are three options (buttons):
- Pause: this function suspends the running EA. There is no opening, no closing.
- Manual Control: see details at the 3rd point...
- Close All Positions: close all open orders
You can hide the panel with (SHIFT+H) and show with (SHIFT+S).

3. Manual management:
You can handle your open positions manually.
EA creates a new StopLoss line (red line) and a new TakeProfit line (green line).
(You can delete any lines)
Just double click on the line, drag and move it to the aim price.
Mean time this function suspends the opening operation.