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Pips Picker

The Expert Advisor does not use indicators in the conventional sense. Instead, it uses the price analysis on supply and demand extreme values. Trading is performed on price level breakouts. Martingale is not used as well. No more than two deals can be opened simultaneously. The EA can work autonomously with any broker that does not limit FREEZELEVEL and STOPLEVEL trading space.

All orders are accompanied by stop loss and take profit, thus order freezing and large drawdowns are avoided. Stop orders can be made virtual to bypass FREEZELEVEL and STOPLEVEL execution limitations. In this case, lower risks should be set.

Main Parameters and Settings

Trading volumes and risks

  • Slippage - slippage (default is 3);
  • Calculation of loss of balance (false - equity) - calculate losses per 1 (one) deal (default is false - calculate by equity);
  • Regression of trading volume - trading volume regression (false - not decreased in case of unprofitable deals);
  • Plan loss on 1 trade in % (0 - fixed lot) - calculate losses per one deal in % (optimal values - 0.5-0.7, 0 - trade minimum volume);
  • Minimum lot - minimum trading volume (default is 0.01);
  • Maximum lot - maximum trading volume in case of autocalculation;
  • Maximum spread - maximum spread, at which market entries are still allowed (default is 12);
  • Index trailing Stop Loss (0-off) - stop loss trailing index (default is 0.8);
  • The index set Profit (at Stop Loss) - profit multiple of a specified loss (default is 20);
  • The index set Stop Loss (at operating spread) - index for calculating a stop loss to a working spread (the default is 2.5);
  • The distance for placing a pending order - pending order opening distance in spreads (the default is 15);
  • Virtual Stop Loss & Take Profit - trading with virtual protection levels (the default is false).

Trading session

  • Hour of the START trading session - trade session open hour;
  • Minute of the START trading session - trade session open minute;
  • Hour of the STOP trading session - trade session close hour;
  • Minute of the STOP trading session - trade session close minute.

All settings have been optimized for trading EURUSD with five digital places and a spread not exceeding 11 (customizable for any broker). Testing should be performed on M30 (can be reduced). The EA operation quality directly depends on technical liquidity (execution speed). Suitable liquidity can be achieved by installing the terminal on a virtual server (VPS or VDS). The EA also provides flexible money management and loss control settings.

The price of 300 USD will be raised after 10 purchases. Support is provided after the purchase to ensure the more efficient use.
KentBrown 2016.08.08 18:21 

Bought Pips Picker robot few weeks ago. Started with testing, and quickly understood, that it needs Good ECN broker with raw spreads. So if that is done, robot works wery well.

Searching trough brokers found few that meets the needs of PP. Best results so far with broker ICmarkets with raw spread avaraging around 0.2 pips, but you need to order VPS with servers in New York, as ICmarkets servers is located only in NY. So if you are the person who is willing to put in the work, this robot works wery good.

Soon i will give link to real account

p.s. If you are looking for free VPS (of course you are) good starting choice is Amazon's free vps AWS. google it

Good job Alexandr

Vaulin 2016.06.15 19:28 

Краткий отзыв: в настоящее время советник убыточен (брокер Alpari, счет реальный, настройки по умолчанию).

Мониторинг счета - http://www.myfxbook.com/members/vaulin/pips-picker/1660570

Полный отзыв (статья о советнике) - http://www.forexeadvisor.ru/sovetnik-pips-picker-kratkij-obzor.html

MaxPips Max
MaxPips Max 2016.05.03 17:24 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.26 2016.02.26
- fixed the flaws in the processing of opened orders;
- fixed the event handling

- visualization of the Stop/Profit levels when they are placed virtually;
- consideration of the commission when the Stop Loss is moved to breakeven;
- checking and adjustment of the breakeven level operation with commission in testing mode