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COSMOS4U Adaptive MACD indicator support, is a very simple, straightforward and effective way to optimize your trade decisions. It can be easily customized to fit any strategy. Using COSMOS4U optimized Ad MACD parameters, you can ensure confirmed buy and sell signals for your trades. In addition, the Ad MACD displays divergence between the security and MACD trend, in order to provide alerts of possible trend reversals.

Get an insight into the following features, incorporated in COSMOS4U Adaptive MACD indicator support:

  • Periods used to calculate Fast, Slow & Signal Moving Averages,
  • Periods used to signify Divergence Extremes,
  • All timeframes supported (M1,M15,H1,H4,D,W,M…..),
  • All pairs,
  • Colors for all components,
  • Style, type and width of the bars and lines,

It is a very unambiguous indicator, making the most of its buy and sell signals.


The COSMOS4U AdMACD (x,y,z) indicator generates buy and sell signals. The COSMOS4U AdMACD indicator (or "oscillator"), is a collection of three time series calculated from historical price data, most often the closing price. These three series are: the MACD series proper, the "signal" or "average" series, and the "divergence" series which is the difference between the two.

The AdMACD is hence a momentum-oscillator that peaks and troughs over time, which is why it is considered a versatile trend-following tool. A buy signal is triggered, when the MACD rises above the signal, and a sell signal is generated when the MACD falls below the signal.

We suggest trying out our COSMOS4U AdMACD optimized parameters x,y,z.

A bullish crossover occurs when the MACD turns up and crosses above the signal line. A bearish crossover occurs when the MACD turns down and crosses below the signal line.

The buy signal is stronger when the MACD crosses above the signal line and this occurs well under or at least below the zero ‘oversold’ line. The lower the crossover point with regard to the zero line, the more a security is considered ‘oversold’. Conversely, the further above the zero line the crossover occurs, the stronger the sell signal that is generated, as the security is rated ‘overbought’.

A bullish divergence occurs when the security is forming lower lows while the MACD line is forming higher lows. The lower prices affirm the current downtrend, but a lack of corresponding lower lows in the MACD line indicates a slowing in the downward momentum. This, in turn, may foreshadow a trend reversal.

An increased trading volume could confirm the momentum of the trend. Increased volumes determine the continuation of the trend. Use our COSMOS4U Volume indicator for confirmation signals.


It’s free for all the owners.

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Version 2.0 - 2016.10.03
COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator and COSMOS4U AdMACD Configuration utility synchronization upgrade
From now on you can update the indicator using the AdMACD Trading System Configuration utility.
Watch on https://youtu.be/gfDX1-AvTwk