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Nasdaq Dow Hunter

Nasdaq Dow Hunter is a an advanced trading system used only for NASDAQ and Dow.

The EA has been tested in the strategy tester in different trading conditions and shows a good result. The H4 timeframe is recommended.

Settings will be uploaded for NASDAQ and DOW.


  • Fixed lot and auto lot
  • Trade safely
  • Repeated order when another chance occures and easy settings to use
  • System needs time for calculation, keeping the system open is mandatory


  • Best with VPS
  • Dow and Nasdaq only
  • H4 timeframe
  • Do not shutdown the system during the trading days to get better result


Settings optimized for Mini Dow, US30 ($5), H1 timeframe

  • lot Mode = Auto, Fixed (money management)
  • Fixed Lot = number of lots
  • Percentage LOT = 2 used if Auto lot (for mini dow $5 every number represents 5%)
  • Buy_tp = take profit (recommended to keep it as default)
  • Sell_tp = take profit (recommended to keep it as default)
  • Sl = stop loss = 250
  • Used_Max_order: Keep it true always
  • Max_order: 2: number of orders if the conditions happen again (i.e if you enter 1, the trade will be taken only 1 time, if you put it 2 it will be taken 2 times if the same conditions happened again)
  • Don't exceed 2 trades for the safety of your account
lennramlee 2018.05.21 23:46 

great ea for Dj. Ahmad is very helpful too. no regrets! Thanks so much

eng-sniper87 2016.02.14 09:04 

the best and only EA for Dow jones

Version 4.0 2016.04.28
- Improvement of the strategy shows better result for Us 30 ( Dow Future )
Version 3.0 2016.04.04
- Better result for Dow Jones future
- More Safe
Version 2.5 2016.03.07
Much safe and better Result
Version 2.0 2016.03.02
- Improvement of taking the trades shows better result

New inputs:

- used_max_order: keep it 'true' always

- Max_order (number of trades): put it to 1 if you do not want repeated order, put it to 2 if you want the EA to take trades if the condition repeated again