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Paranormal is a fully automated easy to use currency trading system that keeps the risk at the lowest possible level.

Paranormal uses scalping mode and is based on Envelope - Moving Averages and Price movement applied to 1 minute chart which defines Up Deviation and Low Deviation. At this area, the price usually moves from a trend (reversal).

This EA will work with low spread, zero stop levels and fast execution. The best result is with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and AUDUSD at the same time. Attach the Expert Advisor on M1 chart.

Pay attention to run the EA with the following conditions:

  • Symbol Spread: 0-10 pips.
  • Stops Level: 0 pips.


  • MinLots: minimum lots for trade.
  • MaxLots: maximum lots for trade.
  • MM: automatic money management can be used or disabled.
  • Risk: how much % of account free margin is set to risk for each trade.
  • MaxTrades: maximum trade.
  • TrailStop: if true, profit will be protected with trailing stop.
  • Trail_AT: smart trailing point when order position is in profit.
  • Trail_PIPS: smart trailing step in point when order position is in profit.
  • BreakEven: if true, a stop loss price will be moved to breakeven when the price is above target points.
  • Break_AT: when the price is above this value, the breakeven is triggered.
  • Break_PIPS: stop loss is moved using this value to breakeven.
  • Max_Spread: maximum spread, at which orders can be opened.
  • LIMIT_Order: distance from the price to place a limit order.
  • Distance_Order: for best results, place Distance_Order = LIMIT_Order.
  • SOFT_Filter: filter the trades by SOFT_Filter best set 2-150.
  • HARD_Filter: filter the trades by HARD_Filter best set 20-100.
  • SHIFT_Filter: shift filter trade by HARD&SOFT filter.
  • StartHour: trading start time, hour.
  • StartMinute: trading start time, minute.
  • EndHour: trading end time, hour.
  • EndMinute: trading end time, minute.
Harry W
Harry W 2016.03.25 21:25   

Hi folks,

I bought this EA on 17 Mar 2016, I lost over 95% of money from my Tickmill live account next day!

I have a low spread live ECN account, with a fast execution VPS. I use the default settings, with low risk 10.

I lost over 95% of my trading money in less 24 hours since I bought this EA.

I emailed the author asking for a refund, 3 days later the author replied me with an 'upgraded' Paranormal v7.1 EA via email. He explained to me to upgraded to mql5 will take time. (what?!)

Then I back tested his 'upgraded' Paranormal v7.1,

I have tested GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs in both period of this month and this year with initial deposit 1000 USD. (total 4 testings)

1, GBPUSD, 2016.3.1-2016.3.20, Profit: -894.79, Profit factor: 0.63, Max drawdown: 89.74%;

2, GBPUSD, 2016.1.1-2016.3.20, Profit: 362.80, Profit factor: 1.00, Max drawdown: 90.35%%;

3, EURUSD, 2016.3.1-2016.3.20, Profit: 64.81, Profit factor: 1.01, Max drawdown: 78.00%;

4, EURUSD, 2016.1.1-2016.3.20, Profit: 10947.93, Profit factor: 1.12, Max drawdown: 78.04%;

As you see, all 4 Paranormal v7.1 testing's, the Max drawdown is over 78%, the 1st test, GBPUSD, lose -894.79$ from 1000$.

From the testing result of Paranormal v7.1, I certainly knew why author does not want to upgrade to mql5.

Then I email him for a refund every day, and the author disappeared forever ......


The author's name is: Archaki Jeffrey Thomas

The author's email address jeffrey.archaki@gmail.com

Can any one help me how to get refund in my case.

Kind Regards

saudi333 2016.03.14 02:42 

Burn your money shifted from 100 to $ 4, and the developer promised me that there updated by more than two weeks to resolve the problems, but did not get it

They warn of the purchase process monument

I will update comment if there was any update