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Tom and Jerry

The Expert Advisor has been backtested for a long time showing good results on all timeframes from M5 and higher (though with different settings). The trading robot uses no indicators applying mathematical calculations instead. This increases the accuracy of market entries.

There are five different versions of the EA. But I believe that the current one is best suited for the current market conditions since it features the grid strategy. You can protect your deposit in the settings, increase the lot and perform an optimization at your own discretion.


  • StartLots - initial lot
  • MaxLots - maximum amount of additional lots, 0 - no limitations
  • MaxOrders - maximum amount of additional orders, 0 - no limitations
  • TakeProfit - take profit, 0 - not used
  • GridStep - step between additional orders
  • Martin - lot multiplier for additional orders, 0 - not used
  • MaxVolPosition - maximum total position volume, 0 - not used
  • StopLoss - fixed stop loss used for the first order, 0 - not used
  • TrailingStart - profit in points, at which a trailing stop is activated, 0 - not used
  • TrailingDistance - distance between a trailing stop and the price
  • TrailingStep - trailing step
  • TimeOut - interval between resending trading orders, 0 - no limitations
  • UseEcnAccount - allow working on an ECN account
  • Magic - EA magic number

Make sure to test the EA in the strategy tester first. You should use a VPS.

Apostolos Petrakis
2017.07.19 17:03 

It is profitable for sure. However, as all EAs needs a lot of tests to find the ideal set. Mikhail answers very quickly.

Dennis Landin
2016.03.09 21:10 

works good for me :)

Mikhail Rasporskiy
2016.02.13 17:36 

Попробовал советника, очень даже не плохой,долго оптимизировал и подобрал очень даже прибыльные настройки, жду обновления. Автор очень быстро отвечает на все вопросы!