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The classic EA based on volatility breakout. The system trades by placing pending orders on the most recent support\resistance levels on daily timeframe.

For best result, I recommend broker on EET timezone. The broker on EET gives five complete daily candles in a trading week.


  • Good testing results on data from 2005
  • No martingale or martingale elements
  • No grid, no locking, no scalping
  • Filter of volatility; mean-reversion filter
  • Trades are always protected with time-stop/stop-loss/stop on the bar closing
  • No need to optimize
Timeframe – M30. Currency: GOLD(XAUUSD). The EA can be backtested by bars or every tick.


  1. Lots – trading lot size.
  2. UseMM_Balance – value in deposit currency. If this value is set (i.e. different from 0), then the trading lot is calculated per each part UseMM_Balance of deposit. If set to 0, then the trading lot size is fixed and =Lots. For example, if Lots=0.1 and UseMM_Balance=300, when the deposit is 300, the EA will open an order of 0.1 lot, and when the deposit is 600 – 0.2 lot, when the deposit is 900 – 0.3 lot, etc. This parameter is needed for reinvestment.
  3. EET_offset EET offset setting. For brokers on EET(GMT+2winter\GMT+3summer) timezone that display five complete daily candles in a trading week (Monday.....Friday) set this value to 0. For other brokers you must set EET offset (-23....23). For example, for broker on CET(GMT+1winter\GMT+2summer) timezone EET_offset=-1.
  4. TakeProfit%ofPrice – profit target in percentage of the entry price.
  5. StopLoss%ofPricemax stop-loss in percentage of the entry price.
  6. MagicNumber –  unique ID for EA's orders.
Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.13 18:34 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Evgen Khenkin
2016.08.21 11:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.05.05 07:40 

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2016.03.11 23:05   

-720$ за сегодня. До этого первый трейд был -238. В итоге имею минус примерно 1000$ как то не очень.такое ощущение, что если инвертировать сделки, то| будет намного лучше

Frank B
2016.03.11 16:58 

So far so bad. -31% after three trades

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.02.28 19:45 

So far so good.

Yutish Govsky
2016.02.28 09:51 

So far nice result on my demo accounts. Maybe for me it's the first EA of GOLD on M30.