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Beta Volatility

Beta Volatility is a strategy to utilizing the high volatility, set traps at the point of break out, and also anticipate the possibility of the fade.

It became the first system that combines two different characters strategy, which lurk opportunities in high volatility with a safe and accurate manner.

Pending order is always used, it is the key to accuracy in placing an order, also making it very safe because the stoploss already come installed with a range of very small, designed to fight and be a conqueror in conditions of extreme volatility.


  • Working and optimized for EURUSD - GBPUSD.
  • Auto suffix symbol name.
  • Break Out.
  • Fading / Reversal.
  • Tight Stoploss.
  • Fast Trailing.
  • Timeframe M1 Chart.
  • Get started with minimum deposit on ECN Account.
  • Auto Magic Number, is based on the account number and added with a number of currencies (EURUSD = 1, GBPUSD = 2), and then added again with the number of Strategy used (Break Out = 1, Fade = 2).
  • Automatically calculates the amount of commission after finding the order, then making it an important factor in determining the distance of the stop.
  • Automatically collecting the amount of slippage, and display it on the chart, so users are more familiar with the broker uses, showing how they treat our orders.
  • Recording function for the spread and order opened, write it in a file if necessary so that it can be analyzed back when needed.

Input Settings

  • Margin_Allow: the margin percentage that will be used to calculate the value of the lot.
  • Fix_Lot: only be used if the value of "Margin_Allow" is "0". A fixed lot value will be open in accordance with the inputted here.
  • Strategy: offers a choice of Break Out, Fade, or ALL.
  • Order_Comment: to add a comment to the order.
  • Show_Visual: hide / show information on the chart.
  • Spread_Recorder: Considering that HVS urgently needs low spreads, this function will helps user to keep an eye on the spread changes.

The following parameters, all by default is "0" or "AUTO", which means allowing Beta Volatility EA to determine automatically.

  • Max_Order: maximum number of orders, embedded in the code is 1 orders for Fade strategy, and there should be no restrictions on the Break Out.
  • Max_Spread: Maximum limit to the spread + commission.
  • Max_StopLevel: maximum limit to Stop Level, the maximal StopLevel embedded in the code when setting is AUTO = 11 Point.
  • PO_ Distance: the distance of Pending Order place from Current Price. This only for "Fade Strategy".
  • SL_Distance: the distance for Order Stop Loss.
  • TP_Distance: the distance for Order Take Profit.
  • Manage_Orders_Every: limit for time (second) to perform the command.
  • PO_Expire: time in minutes is given to the Pending Order. If Pending Order been open for 1 minutes or more, then EA will delete it.
  • Order_Expire: time in minutes is given to the Order. If the Order has been open for 333 minutes or more, then EA will close it.


  • ECN Account on a Broker with low spread, low commission, good execution. This section needs more attention, and will be further discussed in the comments section.
  • First of all, should use the minimum deposit to try your broker condition. If the results are good, then be a decision for you if you want to add as much as possible.
  • Running 24/5 without intervention on VPS with low network latency (<10ms to broker server).
2016.10.06 07:25 

Very poor performance on my system

2016.01.26 18:16 

Increase of margin will extremely increase the profitability and the drawdown is still in tolerance, below 10%.

you can ask anything to developer, they will answer you as soon as possible, all my question on this two days after purchase being answered below 1 hour

$618 is cheap compared to the most popular EA right now that this ea (BETA VOLATILITY) use the same logic, break out strategy with very smart trailing and tight stoploss

now running this EA on 10k account.

always backtest first! see how amazing the drawdown level compared to profit factor :)

Version 2.6 - 2016.01.26
- added minimal spread for all currencies, the value is 80% of Maximum Spread in recommendation.
- change Max_Spread option to percent of range from Recommended Max Spread
- widen stoploss
- widen trailing
- added Manually_Control_Risk option
- added Manually_Set_Rollover_Time option (start hour and stop hour)
- added automatically GMT Offset
- added slippage calculate of closed trade
- fixed delete pending order
- added option Order_Recorder
- otimization for XAUUSD, this one will be the favorite currency for BetaVotality, has been tested in a way that supports the maximum spread to 40 points.