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QuoteViewer shows BID, ASK, and Spread in the arbitrary point of the chart. You can select font sizes, colors, and show or hide, respectively. And it adaptively changes the display point for the chart form. Note that the spread is shown in pips.


  • LabelLocation – RIGHT or LEFT (default: LEFT)
  • LabelMarginX – vertical margin of labels (default: 0)
  • LabelMarginY – horizontal margin of labels (default: 0)
  • ShowBid – show/hide bid label (default: true)
  • ColorBid – color of bid label (default: red)
  • SizeBid – font size of bid label (default: LARGE)
  • ShowAsk – show/hide ask label (default: true)
  • ColorAsk – color of ask label (default: red)
  • SizeAsk – font size of ask label (default: LARGE)
  • ShowSpread – show/hide of spread label (default: true)
  • ColorSpread – color of spread label (default: red)
  • SizeSpread – font size of spread label (default: LARGE)
  • EnableAdaptiveVIew – enable adaptive view (default: true)
Francis Dogbe
2016.04.15 23:46 

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