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The operation strategy of the R GriD Expert Advisor is simple and designed for the intraday fluctuation of the price. At the specified time (the function can be disabled or used at your discretion) the R GriD EA places two market orders in different directions. Depending on the direction the price goes, the R GriD EA places locking positions to the unprofitable order, building a grid of orders with a common TP, waiting for the price rollback.

The locking positions are placed as pending orders, but when the Grid minDelayBars parameter is used (recommended to use), the EA can trade using market orders. The Grid minDelayBars parameter is responsible for the order placement delay (in bars), which allows to avoid deep drawdown, for example, during news release. To better understand the EA operation principle, please see how it works in the strategy tester.

According to the results of tests, a properly configured R Grid EA shows excellent trading results during a flat (for example, during the Asian session), goes out of drawdowns with dignity during prolonged trends. The detailed testing results for 2015, EA settings, and also the recommendations for working with it can be seen here.

The EA setting allow to configure it to both the aggressive and the conservative trading.

Parameters of the R GriD EA:

Stop Loss, Take Profit

  • StopLoss: "0" - disabled
  • TakeProfit: "0" - disabled
  • IsTakeProfit: use a common Take Profit for the order grid
  • TakeProfit Ave: size of the Take Profit of the order grid

MM, lot size

  • Lots: fixed lot size; used if Lots Mode - "Fixed"
  • Lots Mode: lot calculation mode: Fixed - fixed; Balance - % of the account balance; Equity - % of the account equity; FreeMargin - % of the free margin
  • Lots PercBalans: % for lot calculation; used for the Balance, Equity, FreeMargin modes
  • LotsMax: maximum lot size; if "0" - no limits

Settings of the locking order

  • MG Lots Koef: increase/decrease coefficient of the locking order
  • IsMG Lots KoefMode: "true" - use the coefficient; "false" - use "by how much"
  • MG Cycle MaxOrders: the maximum number of opened orders in the martingale chain
  • IsMG Cycle NextLot: when the maximum number of opened orders in the martingale chain is reached, the size of the next lot is: "true" - initial; "false" - continue with the last

Working with Orders

  • OrderSend Errattempts: number of attempts to open orders in case of opening errors
  • Spread Max: the maximum spread at which the positions are allowed to be opened: if "0" - disabled

Operation hours

  • IsTime: order opening by time
  • TimeStart: operation start time (specify hours and minutes)
  • TimeStop: operation end time (specify hours and minutes)
  • TimeStart Minute: operation start time (specified in minutes from 0:00); if "-1", uses TimeStart
  • TimeStop Minute: operation end time (specified in minutes from 0:00); if "-1", uses TimeStop

Grid Settings

  • Grid LevelNum: the number of grid levels
  • Grid LevelStep: level step in points
  • IsGrid MG LevelStep: enables dynamic step
  • 1Grid LevelStep Koef: increase/decrease coefficient of the level step for the first zone
  • 2Grid LevelStep Num: number of the level, from which the coefficient for the second zone is used
  • 2Grid LevelStep Koef: increase/decrease coefficient of the level step for the second zone
  • IsGrid LevelStep KoefMode: "true" - use the coefficient; "false" - use "by how much"

Additional Settings

  • Grid DeltaAnte: the distance before the level to enter by market orders, in points; if "-1" - disabled
  • Grid DeltaPost: the distance after the level to enter by market orders, in points; if "-1" - disabled
  • Grid minDelay NBars: the minimum delay, in bars, for placing a pending order; if "0" - disabled
  • Grid minDelay Timeframe: the period on which the bars are calculated for the delay of the pending order placement; "0" - current chart period

Tool settings

  • IsAutoDigits - automatic increase if 5-digits
  • TimeFrame: the period of the current chart
  • Slippage: the maximum allowed slippage in points
  • Omagic: the unique number of the EA
  • Comment: order comment text
  • IsComment App: adds to the comment: order type, level number
Ivan Sousa
2016.05.20 11:50 

Great Support.

Good EA, with a good settings from the vendor.

Dennis Landin
2016.03.13 08:17 

Great grid EA and the seller is very helpful and is always developing his EA.

Version 1.21 - 2016.04.14
Improved "Operation hours" block
Version 1.20 - 2016.03.02
Added the option to adjust the operation time for each day of week individually to the "Operation hours" trading time control block.

Added to the "Grid Settings" block:
- ability to set the third generation in the order grid
- ability to adjust the fixed step in the second and the third generation