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ITraDinG Grow Scalp

The strategy based on the price channel breakout with an adaptive maintenance

It is recommended to use on EURUSD/GBPUSD, M30 period.

It is consistent in different market conditions.

It is possible to work with a fixed lot and a lot based on the percentage of the maximum risk of the deposit.

Does not use martingale and grid. All trades are protected by a stop.

Monitoring real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/bebikovi


  • Magic Number - trades identifier;
  • The choice of the EA version (4/3) - select the version of the trading signals (3 or 4);
  • Risk - lot size based on the maximum risk per trade (if 0, then Lot = Fix Lot);
  • Mode risk (SL + Spread) ON/OFF - calculation of the Risk value with spread taken into account.
  • Fix Lot - fixed lot size;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Spread control ON/OFF (0 - OFF) - maximum spread control (0 - Off);
  • Adaptation in case of slippage - adaptation of the Stop-Loss during slippage (False - Off);
  • Buy Pending shift - shift of BuyStop orders;
  • Sell Pending shift - shift of SellStop orders;
  • Virtual Trailing Stop - virtual trailing stop (False - Off);
  • GMT Offset - server time zone;
  • EA Start Hour - hour to start trading;
  • EA End Hour - hour to stop trading;
  • Friday End Time - time to stop trading on Friday;
  • Additional signal #1 - additional signal No. 1 (False - Off);
  • Additional signal #2 - additional signal No. 2 (False - Off);


  1. Before using on a live account, test the EA with minimal risk;
  2. VPS is recommended;
  3. For best results, use the leverage of 1:200 or more (1:200/1:500);
  4. Low spreads + low commission + high quality execution are important when choosing a broker to trade.
  5. Broker with the minimum Stop Loss level of 0 points.
Yutish Govsky
2017.10.20 19:07 

11.10.2016 El robot en sí, no está nada mal, es ventajoso. Ya no uso EURUSD desde hace tiempo con este robot, sino utilizo el sistema para GBPUSD.

20.10.2017 It's not possible to win with this EA. I've stopped it completely.

Rustam Eyvazov
2016.07.01 18:38 

Хорошый робот! Автору респект...

Richard Jehl
2016.06.21 22:35 

Like cyberryder, I think live trading results will be very different from backtests results. The EA is very sensitive to slippage, but as backtests with real spread and unfavorable slippage show it can still be profitable, I decided I will propose a live signal starting with 1000 € in the near future for everyone to see how it is performing. I won't close the signal but will stop trading if DD is more than 50%. I still need to choose the parameters and run various real spread backtests with simulated slippage. Drawdown is too large to my taste when all 3 signals are enabled. I will post the results of these high quality backtests on the comment section. Here I agree again with cyberryder : very speculative trading approach.

Edit : as I explained on the comment section, I don't want to trade this EA on a live account anymore and I don't think it will satisfy any customer for a long time. See the graphs I posted and you'll understand why.

2016.06.05 16:30 

this EA is one out of loads of break-out EAs looking somehow promising (after ATS). Basically you get a lot of SL and speculate for 1-2 big breakouts per month, which make up for 80% of your monthly growth. Vendor is showing live accounts on reputable ECN brokers, which is extremely rare here. Vendor is supportive and improves the EA constantly. Remember that this strategy will typically fail over time, based on historical EAs with Brokers & LPs. Typically you have some months to 2 years it may work, with doing a lot of work around broker research.

I get 1.6 to 2pip slippage on my Tickmill ECN account (sum of in- and out). Results seem to be more random than consistent.

I would neither recommend this EA, nor any other Break-Out EA in general to anyone. It's a toy to speculate around. Maybe you are lucky and can make some money, but don't see ^this as a reliable, long-term EA. And most important, don't see it as EA to become millionaire over night, as the backtest suggests. It won't work as good on live, only on backtest and demo.

The strategy itself is not suitable for MT4. MT4 is too slow and therefore not reliable enough.

Zhuo Liu
2016.05.01 09:59 

Just five-star!

2016.04.30 16:18 

This EA has increased my funds this month 44%. I will send a five-star. My account is TITAN FX standard.

Xiaoyang Sun
2016.04.11 15:42 

Good EA. Continue observation.

2016.04.03 20:49 

Хороший советник, за предыдущий месяц сделал хорошую прибыль. Сделки не частые, но это и не страшно. Автор отвечает на все вопросы.

С нетерпением жду обновления. Надеюсь советник и дальше будет прибыльно торговать.

Nicolas Zouein
2016.03.30 10:24 

Worst EA ever. All it does is create pending orders and delete them every 3 hours missing all the market ups and downs. I ran the rented ea for around 10 days until i finally decided to let go after 10's of pages of deleted pending orders. waste of time and money.

Version 8.0 - 2016.12.05
Added strategy 8.0.
- uses virtual adaptive stop loss;
- added filters for market entries;
- recommended timeframe for the strategy 8.0 is M5;
Version 6.0 - 2016.06.08
Fixed minor bugs in the code, and added an additional signal for version 6.
Version 5.0 - 2016.05.25
Added a modified system 5.0
- Version - 5;
- Version - 6;
Version 4.30 - 2016.05.11
Added ability to shift the price of pending orders:
- Buy Pending shift - shift BuyStop orders;
- Sell Pending shift - shift SellStop orders.
Version 4.20 - 2016.04.21
Now the EA is capable of trading on brokers with non-zero stop level.
- Added the virtual trailing stop feature.
Version 4.10 - 2016.04.14
Fixed a glitch occurred when displaying the average slippage results.
Version 4.0 - 2016.04.12
- Added slippage statistics.
- Improved general algorithm and trade filter.
- Improved EA operation in case of a slippage.
- Adaptation in case of Slippage (true - ON / falce - OFF)

- Added ability to choose among the EA versions.
- Version - 4(ver.4.0) / 3(ver.3.0)
Version 3.0 - 2016.04.05
- Added the function for adapting the stop loss of the pending orders to the spread (Stop loss Control)
Version 2.0 - 2016.02.24
- Fixed a bug related to the setting of the time zone;
- Improve the total number of transactions;
- Added additional signals to enter into a transaction.

Added additional settings:
  - Additional signal # 1 - includes an additional signal №1 (moderate mode)
  - Additional signal # 2 - comprises an additional signal №2 (aggressive mode operation)