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Trace Reversion

Trace Reversion Expert Advisor is a scalping EA based on price movement and some standart indicators.

Trace Reversion EA does the analysis using M5 timeframes only .

You can use Trace Reversion EA on all pairs, but my recommendation is to use this EA on pairs with low spread and low stop level.

Please use this EA on M5 timeframe only.

Please use this EA on forex of 5-digit and GOLD (XAUUSD) of 2-digit.

ButStop or SellStop order must be not restricted; (maybe open order 0 distance from current price)

Further details will be provided in the Comments tab.


  • lot = 0.01 - lot size.
  • TakeProfit= 1250- OrderTakeProfit pips;
  • Stoploss=50 - Stop Loss in pips. 50 is 5 pips.
  • MaxSpread=20 - maximum spread accepted to trade.
  • MoneyManage = true - set to true to enable auto money management. If false, ManualLotsize is used.
  • Risk = 3.0 - risk value.
  • MagicNumber = 2015 - used to identify an order.
  • OrderCmt -EA comment.
2016.03.02 17:35 

This EA backtests wonderfully. However on a live account (even with low spread and VPS) this EA fails horribly. Ive had steady losses over the course of trying this out. Save your money.