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LIKE A FLAT is an Expert Advisor based on the averaging principle. The EA is designed for trading on normal trading days, with no especially important economic news releases (the especially important news are: CB head speeches, publication of data on unemployment, GDP, inflation, CB meeting protocols, as well as the decisions on key interest rates). In those days the price movement is characterized by flat, that allows to gain profit even if the first move was made incorrectly, which is what happens in this strategy.


  1. It is recommended to trade only on normal trading days. Trading during the important news release may lead to a complete loss of the deposit!
  2. It is not recommended to choose large time intervals during optimization. It is recommended to choose only the intervals, which had no important news, that were previously known in the economic calendars.


  • Risk - risk parameter, determines the maximum allowed drawdown, at the moment of opening the last* order in the series, specified as a percentage.
  • lotExp - lot multiplier for the additional positions. The volume of each following position in the series is calculated by the formula (POSITION VOLUME)=(VOLUME OF THE OPENED POSITIONS IN THE SERIES)*LotExp
  • TradeR - trading mode. If true - the trading happens as normal, if false - opened trades are lead to closure, without the continuation of trading.
  • timeCLOSE - a time limit, once the specified time is reached, the EA stops opening new series, only completes opened ones, similar as the operation with TradeR=false.
  • Trades - limit on the number of series, the trading stops once the specified number of series are made.
  • StartTP - number of points from the opening price to the Take Profit level, for the first order in the series.
  • TPexp - the multiplier of the amount of the profit taken, for the additional positions. The amount of profit points is multiplied by TPexp during an increase of orders. (NUMBER OF PROFIT POINTS)=StartTP*TPexp^((NUMBER OF ORDERS OF THE SERIES)-1)
  • Step - number of loss points, at which the second position in the series is opened. Specified in points.
  • StepExp - step multiplier, at every order, following the second one, the number of loss points required for opening an additional order in the series in changed by the specified number of times.
  • Filter - the trend filter, additional positions are only opened if the signal of this function matches the direction of the opened positions.
  • SignalPer - the period of the moving average signal line, by which the new positions are opened, and the opened positions are filtered.
  • TimeStep - the minimum time, required for opening a new order after opening the previous one. Specified in seconds.
  • TikA - the minimum number of ticks, between the operations of the EA algorithm. It helps to accelerate the optimization/testing.
  • OrdsToZero - parameter, which allows to avoid drawdown in critically large series, once the specified number of orders in the series is reached, the Take Profit level will be set to the position opening level.
  • MaxOrds - the maximum* number of orders in the series.
  • *CONTINUEafterMAXord - if enabled, and if the maximum number of orders in the series is reached, the additional orders are opened until the margin ends, the series continues. Warning: High risk!!
  • STOPafterMAX - if the parameter is set to true, the trading stops if the CONTINUEafterMAXord function is triggered.
  • ZeroStop- the Stop Loss level movement function, to the position opening level.
  • PRFITpercTOstart- once the (PESSofTPone*100)% of the taken profit is reached, the Stop Loss level is placed at the position opening level.
  • StartFromOrds- the number of orders in the series, which starts the ZeroStop function, if it is enabled.
  • SPG - the maximum allowed slippage when opening orders.
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowed spread at which the positions are opened.
  • Magic - the individual number of the EA's orders, must be different for each EA, and for each identical EA on different instruments.
  • MaxTRY - the maximum number of tries during unsuccessful opening/modification of a position.
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