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Triplet is an Expert Advisor based on positive hedging and triangular correlation strategy.

Since both of these strategies respectively are already known-how generally and has been known since a long time, we try to combine the two strategies into one, of course by adding several features to improve performance, such as : using proportional for other symbols based on it's correlation, use correlation filter for each first two symbols, profit target and loss distance with the value can be set auto or manual, use signal to open order based on correlation. And the new one is you can use this EA to open single, double or triple orders with hedged capability if activated.

Additional features that available is target equity and minimum equity in percentage of balance to manage account's profit with option to continue or discontinue trade and time setting used to control trading based on time you. The other new feature is buttons on display to manage your trading : close all orders, pause/start, exit EA and minimize/maximize display.

There are 10 ready-used packet pairs and 1 manual packet pair. With manual packet pair, you can use other packet pair that is not available on ready-used packets above as you want by fill them manually. Please note if you use manual packet pair, you must use symbols that have triangular correlation.

Since MetaTrader 4 strategy tester does not allow users to perform multicurrency tests, then you cannot perform backtest in the strategy tester. To test it on live account, you can try the free version of it, i.e Triplet Free with some limitations.

To use this EA, you should attach it on one chart only with any symbol and timeframe and no need to open the others. If you want to trade another packet of pairs in one trading account, you can attach the EA on another chart.



  • Expert comment - you can change this comment with your own
  • Expert version - version of this EA
  • Expert developer - developer name
  • Expert setup - explanation to attach this EA on a chart


  • Initial balance, if 0 using current balance - control account profit/loss if target equity or minimum equity option is activated
  • Money management - use auto lots calculation
  • Risk in percentage terms - risk based on account balance to calculate lots
  • Volume in lots if money management false - fix lots if money management is set to false
  • Lot's calculation based on – option to use calculated lots based on balance, equity or free margin
  • Lot for other symbol(s) - option to choose lots for other symbol, equal or proportional
  • Target equity in percentage money, if 0 not used - if this target reached, the EA will close all orders
  • Minimum equity in percentage money, if 0 not used - if this target reached, the EA will close all orders
  • Restart trade if one of Target is reached - if set to true, the EA will restart a trade after the target above is reached


  • Maximum level - maximum level to open orders if group of orders hit the loss distance
  • Target profit/loss type - target profit type
  • Target profit/loss value - value or profit target and loss distance
  • RR ratio – Risk Reward Ratio

Fill P/L if Target profit/loss value = Manual

  • Profit target - target profit to close last level of group.
  • Loss distance - distance of floating to open the next level
  • Trade mode - trade mode option

Signal setting if Trade mode = Use Signal 1 or Use Signal 2

  • Signal value - signal value to open orders
  • Add level although there is no signal - if true, the EA will open a new level order although there is no signal


  • Correlation value - correlation value , if 0% not set


  • Trade pair(s) - choose how many pairs will trade in one group
  • Use symbol pair - if using manual symbol, you must fill the symbol name while packet symbol will available in packet pair

Select packet pair if Use symbol pair = Packet Symbol

  • Packet pair - 10 packet pairs available

Fill symbol if Use symbol pair = Manual Symbol

  • Symbol 1 - name of symbol 1
  • Symbol 2 - name of symbol 2
  • OP Symbol 3 – choose how to open 3rd symbol


  • Time used – local or server time
  • Start trading - time to start trading
  • Stop trading - time to stop trading
  • Manage orders on weekend - there are 3 options


  • Theme of display - there are 6 themes
  • Scale of display- scale value of display
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Version 2.9 - 2017.10.05
Added Stop Loss. If 'true', it will delete orders instead of adding more level orders
Version 2.7 - 2016.08.03
- Added option Lot's calculation based on Balance, Equity or Free Margin
- Added option Server time or Local time
- Added additional option to RR Ratio value
- Changed signal value for Signal 2
- Changed displayed info
Version 2.6 - 2016.06.20
- Lot's calculation and auto target P/L based on equity
- Changed displayed info
- Added OnTimer
Version 2.3 - 2016.05.17
- Fixed bug related to Trade pair = Double Pair
- Optimized program's structure
Version 2.2 - 2016.05.12
- Added Trade mode : Use Signal 2
- Added correlation into Auto packet's condition
- Changed some packet pairs
- Fixed some bugs related to OP Symbol 3
Version 2.0 - 2016.04.11
- Added Packet pair : Auto packet
- Changed logic of OP Symbol 3
Version 1.66 - 2016.04.05
- Changed some packet pairs
- Added RR Ratio
- Added Signal value option : Auto-Aggressive, Auto-Moderate, Auto-Conservative
- Changed logic of OP Symbol 3
Version 1.63 - 2016.02.29
- Symbol's prefix/suffix recognition
- Added logic of symbol 3
- Automatically used built in magic number (1-10) for each packet pair. For manual packet, magic number is 0
- Fixed comment on packet's column
- Reorganized program structure related on display
- Added option display scale
- New time format
Version 1.60 - 2016.02.16
- Fixed some bugs
- Added option Target profit/loss use: "Auto" or "Manual"
Version 1.59 - 2016.02.11
- Fixed bug related to next level
- Changed display theme (new look)
- Merged "Use symbol pair" option into "Packet pair"
- Added buttons: "close all orders", "break/start trading", "minimize/maximize display" and "exit expert"
- Added info of packet pair in display and comment
- Added choice of Signal value: "Auto" or "Manual"
Version 1.58 - 2016.02.08
- Re-optimized program's structure
- Added option to enable or disable display
- Added theme of display
Version 1.57 - 2016.01.29
- Fixed bug in time filter
- Improved display
- Fixed error description
- Fixed calculation of profit target and loss distance
- Optimized program's structure
- Fixed some bugs related to symbol 3
- Add alert "This expert is multicurrency and can't be tested on strategy tester"
Version 1.55 - 2016.01.22
- Fixed time setting
- Fixed Target and Minimum equity in percent
- Fixed Profit target and Loss distance
Version 1.53 - 2016.01.21
- Fixed lot calculation if use Account credit
- Changed enum description
- Fixed Profit target and Loss distance in percent
- Activate Target Balance and Retrade
- Fixed next level on Trade mode = Use Signal
- Fixed bug on Trade pair = Single pair
- Added option to open new order or not
- Added option to manage order on weekend
- Added time filter
- Added warning if symbol is not available