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Barracuda FX

Barracudais an automated trading robot which uses a modified RSI. It can be used for major currency pairs.

To work with several symbols, simply run the EA on the appropriate charts.

The EA implements a function of partial or complete profit or loss coverage when an opposite signal comes. The ClosePersentPlus and ClosePersentMinus parameters, respectively . VolumeClose - determines the level.

If a trade is closed with a loss (by partial or complete order closure), the EA trades an increased lot until the series makes the total profit.

  • Figure №1 - partial closure in profit and loss
  • Figure №2 - partial closure in profit
  • Figure №3 - partial closure in loss
  • Figure №4 - no partial closure.

The EA can be optimized with low simulation quality (checkpoints), period M5.

The results will not differ much from the "Every tick" mode. Do not forget to disable SaveLog and ShowInfo before you start testing.

Use 0.01 lot per every 1000-2000 currency units. Trades on cent accounts with 4- and 5-digit quotes.

  • SaveLog - logging the EA actions
  • ShowInfo - display the info panel
  • Background - info panel background color
  • ModeLots - 0-fixed lot, 1-percent of deposit
  • LotsPercent - the lot as a percent of deposit If = 1, lot size is 0.1 for $10000 balance. The maximum lot of a series is calculated as StartLot*MaxLot/Lot
  • Lot - lot value
  • MaxLot - maximum lot
  • EnableBuy - allow long positions
  • EnableSell - allow short positions
  • TimeFrame - trading timeframe // 2-M5/3-M15/4-M30/5-H1/(M15-recommended)
  • PeriodRSI - the period of the RSI indicator
  • DeltaLot - increase in the lot
  • StepOrder - minimum step between orders in the grid
  • VolumeClose - minimum pips level before partial closure
  • ClosePerсentPlus - profitable trade closure percentage
  • ClosePerсentMinus - unprofitable trade closure percentage
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss, 0-not used
  • TakeProfit - take profit for the order
  • TakeProfitSeries - take profit for the series
Ali irwan
2017.08.23 15:05 

Small dd is perfect for small will. If one position is immediately closed and make a new order profit.

Oksana Machok
2017.02.08 13:56 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.1 - 2016.02.04
Optimized the code.