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Trend Runner

Forget about spending all day in front of your computer, this ea will help you to get in long term trends, it will detect the beginning of a new trend and will try to get the most of the trend.

Ea will cut the losses as soon as possible but will let you stay until the end of the trend.

Ea will trail your stop to lock your position but will let enough "space to breath" so that you don't get stopped out because of a tight stop.


It is recommended to have a Market Bias (Bullish or Bearish), for instance EUR and JPY currencies have been on selling pressure due to quantitative easing for two years (2013) and it is expected to continue for another 2 years (2017), so you can use this expert to get in those big trends.

This ea is not recommended for ranging markets please avoid trading them.

This ea is only recommended on a daily time frame.

EA Parameters

  • Winning_Improved - Open more positions in the direction of the trend when a signal is provided
  • Winning_Rough - Open more positions in the direction of the trend at a rough number
  • lot1 - lot size you are willing to trade per position
  • lot2 - If first position is in profit, lot size you are willing to trade on the following positions
  • Market Bias - If You Have a Market Bias Only Allow Buy or Sell
    • bullish - true/false
    • bearish - true/false
  • Breakdistance - after a signal is provided, wait until price breaks resistance/support by a certain amount of pips* to trade
  • DistanceBetweenOrders - if one order is already in profit open more positions after certain amount of pips*

*Distance is measured in points not in pips

  • Max_Orders - Maximum number of Allowed Open Orders
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