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UniBot Expert Advisor is a universal trading robot having three basic modes: trading signal, trading on the martingale system and manual mode.

All modes can be operated independently and combined.

  • 1st mode - Following the signal. A signal with a unique algorithm to determine the short-term trends and key levels on the period H1. There is an additional mode Timeframe M15 with increased number of signals. Good results are shown on metals and CFD.
  • 2nd mode - Trade with the use of the Martingale system. In case of loss-making orders, the EA will deal with a certain step and multiplier of the lot until the entire series of transactions can be closed with a profit. If modes 1 and 3 are disabled, the EA trades in both directions.
  • 3rd mode - manual trade. The EA accompanies orders opened manually - sets take profit and stop loss, as well as transfers to breakeven as configured. It is recommended to use with other modes.

The EA trades all currency pairs on any timeframe. Optimization is required before trading.


Trading modes:
  • Signal_mode - select the mode by EA signals
  • TimeFrame_M15 - increased number of signals
  • Martingale_mode - tracking transaction by the martingale system
  • Manual_mode - manual trading

Basic settings for manual trading modes and trading by the signal:

  • Lots - order size
  • Takeprofit - take profit in points
  • Stoploss - stop loss in points
  • Breackeven - transfer to breakeven in points


  • tp - general take profit series of orders
  • step - step between orders
  • mult - lot multiplier
  • Slippage - slippage
  • Magic - magic
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