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Daily Scalper Pro EA

Daily Scalper Pro EA is a fully automated scalping EA which uses a very smart algorithm to calculate the probability for a successful trade. It uses key level support and resistance levels to execute the trade. This EA uses a unique algorithm to execute the trade only when the slippage is low and in our favor. You do not have to adjust the EA (its money management system will automatically find a required lot size depending on your trading strategy). It uses intelligent algorithms to adapt for the market. The EA uses  hidden stop-losses and take profits so the broker cant interfere with the trade.

It is important for back-testing to download all the history (all time-frames) in the history center for EURUSD pair.

Key Features

  • Does not use standard indicators.
  • No martingale, no grid, and no arbitrage.
  • Does not fit results with historical data.
  • Zero room for human errors.
  • Trading is NFA-FIFO Compliant.
  • Redundant stealth TP and SL order management.
  • Profits are left running.
  • It implements a spread control which removes all orders.
  • All orders are protected by stop-loss and take-profit.


  1. Minimum balance – $50 with 0.01 lots.
  2. Use EURUSD. Recommended maximum spread for EUR/USD – 12 points.
  3. An ECN broker having low spread and fast execution.  You will not meet with great spread difference if you use an ECN account. That is why we recommend an ECN broker.
  4. Virtual hosting for 24 hour operation.
  5. Work timeframe - H1.
  6. 1:100 margin or above.

  1. TakeProfit (in pips) take profit in pips.
  2. StopLoss (in pips) non-dynamic stop loss. Placed almost immediately after opening a position.
  3. Type (trading strategy) you can select your trading strategy. Options: aggressive, moderate, conservative.
  4. Lots (lot size) default value is 0. If the value exceeds 0, the EA will enter the market with the specified fixed lot and will not be guided by the deposit size.
  5. Magic (magic number) used to identify the EA's positions.
  6. Comment (comment to an order) text of a comment to an order.
  7. TrailingStop (in pips) trailing stop value
  8. Spead (pips) maximum spread. If spread exceeds this value, the EA will delete placed orders and wait for a new signal.
  9. Slippage Maximum slippage for the trade to be executed.


  1. Do not run the EA on your computer and VPS at a time. It will lead to duplication of trades and losses due to lack of free margin.
  2. Do not launch another EA on the account and do not perform trades manually or by signals. It may lead to automated closure of orders and losses due to lack of free margin.
  3. Contact me for analysis of your broker before launching the EA on your account.
  4. If required, I can optimize the EA on your account (on computer or VPS via remote access).
  5. The EA will delete all pending orders from the chart when the spread goes above the maximum spread parameter, and restore them when it falls back to acceptable levels. This will keep your safe from high-volatility situations or scary news releases without having to worry about it.
  6. For back-testing, please download all the history for all time-frames for EURUSD in the history center.
millonar7 2016.07.30 11:50   

No lo compreis es una estafa. Me ha destrozado dos cuentas. En las pruebas de estrategia da muy buenos resultados pero luego en real es totalmente falso, pierde todas las operaciones. ESTAFA CON MAYUSCULAS