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HWAFM (the harmonic wave analysis of the financial markets)

Harmonic trading involves searching for certain price patterns (specimens) and Fibo numbers in order to define highly probable price reversal points. The method is based on the assumption that trade patterns or cycles repeat themselves just like in real life. The main objective is to identify these patterns, as well as position entries/exits. The analyzer is based on a high degree of probability, which is confirmed by the price movement history. Although these specimens are not 100% accurate, these situations have been historically proven. If the patterns are identified correctly, you may find good opportunities for entering the market with a very limited risk.

This product (the search engine) automates the search for patterns on all (necessary) timeframes simultaneously.

Panels cannot be tested in the strartegy tester. To run a live test on your demo account, download a free demo version HWAFM demo.

Search engine

  • Ability to work with any patterns based on points (in this version, ZigZag extremums and fractals)
  • You can quickly add new patterns types (modular system)
  • Ability to use one pattern type with various filters simultaneously
  • Each pattern in the system is characterized by three basic features:
    • Forming – the last point can be re-painted
    • Hidden – temporarily hidden
    • Removed – removed into the bin

Search engine operation principle

  1. When a new tick arrives, point provider actualization is called alternately for each enabled period (currently, only one provider is used - enhanced ZigZag with a single input parameter).
  2. A cycle is called if patterns for a certain period (a new ZigZag extremum or changing a previous one) should be updated. Amount of passes and the algorithm depend on the inputs specified in the INI file.
  3. Each pattern is initially checked for location of points relative to each other. If the check fails, the system moves to the next pattern.
  4. If the check is passed, calculation of all pattern fields is called. A repeated check is performed there as well (filtering by calculated values).
Currently, the following patterns are enabled: AB=CD, Ret, WW (Wolfe Wave), Gartley, Butterfly, Bat, Crab, 5-0, and Three movements.
Find out more about the search engine in the file attached in the Comments section.
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Version 1.31 2017.05.11
- technical changes