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Outter pro

OUTTER PRO Expert Advisor is a semi-automated trading system that automates market entry using the RSI and MA indicators. The EA is intended for both beginners and professionals. The EA can run on any timeframe and any currency pair. Lots and return depend on the settings determined by a trader. Easy to set up, easy to use. Simple automatic and manual trading. It makes work and monitoring of accounts much easier. And most importantly, it frees your thoughts from the constant tension and allows more time to develop strategies instead of constant monitoring of the account.


  • EA_NAME -additional comment to orders, there are MagicNumber and step number in the comment by default
  • Slippage - slippage size.
  • Magic number- the EA's orders identifier, also known as magic.
  • Take profit
  • Average take profit-average take profit.
  • Trailling -
  • Trailing Start- After how many pips trailing should start
  • Trend pips
  • Trailing stop loss - trailing stop level. 0 - disabled.
  • Lots - initial lot.
  • Lot exponent - the value the lot should be multiplied by when the next generation is placed.
  • Lot max- The maximum size of the lot.
  • Pip step -distance to the new position
  • Max trades -the number of consecutive open transactions
  • Long trade- true/false
  • Short trade -true/false
  • Stop loss pct -common stop loss triggered when reaching a specified drawdown percentage regardless of the amount of open orders. The value is calculated from the current funds.
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Version 1.1 - 2016.03.21
EA optimized for GBP USD

Added inputs: filter Relative Strength Index -RSI period
-RSi minimum buy (minimum value per buy) sell
-RSi maximum (maximum values for Sell)
filter Moving Average -MA 1 (value 1)
-MA 2 (value 2)