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Candles pattern

Full control over candlestick combinations.

The Expert Advisor allows trading based on candlestick patterns and using virtual SL&TP.

Complete automation.

It can detect candlestick patterns active on the current market.

The Expert Advisor can detect candlestick combinations on based historic data and select SL and TP for them. For a correct analysis of candlestick combinations, a complete archive of symbol quotes is required.

When the EA finds the detected patterns on a real market, it will open trades in a preset direction with SL and TP. From day to day.

You can set candlestick combinations manually, backtest them and enable automated trading 24/7.

The maximum number of candlesticks in a pattern is equal to 10.

You can enable candlestick type selection - bearish/bullish or disable the selection.

Candlestick parameters are set based on its body size. If a negative value is set, any candlestick smaller than the specified value fit the pattern.

If the value is positive, the candlestick body should be larger than that.

The Stop Loss is set at the High or Low of the last candlestick +- Delta.

It also applies a fixed Take Profit and a TP at a distance equal to the last candlestick size +- Delta.


Settings candles

  • type 1...10 candles - candlestick type: bearish, bullish or not used
  • body 1...10 candles (a negative number - less than this value) - candlestick body size. If negative - below this value; if positive - larger than that

Settings for trading

  • direction of trade - open buy or sell trades
  • lot size - the size of the position
  • delta SL - SL is set at last candlestick's High or Low +- Delta
  • delta TP - TP is set at a distance equal to the last candlestick size +- Delta
  • fixed TP - fixed TP in points

General settings

  • slippage
  • a comment for orders
  • identifier of the orders
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