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New version of the indicator TrendLine Alert for MetaTrader 5. It displays alert - Alert, sends E-mail and Push-notification, and plays a sound file when the price crosses a user defined line (horizontal or trend), added on the chart manually. You can specify the index of the bar on which the intersection (BarIndex) is checked. If you want to check the current bar, BarIndex = 0, if the last closed, BarIndex = 1.

Indicator Settings

  • StrongSignal - trigger when a bar crosses the trend line (true), i.e. when the open price and the close price are on the opposite sides of the line; or trigger when the close price of the bar exceeds the trend line (false)
  • EnableAlert - enable/disable the Alert window
  • EnableEmail - enable/disable sending of e-mails
  • EnableSound - play a sound file
  • EnablePushNotification - enable/disable push-notification
  • SoundFile - a sound file
  • BarIndex - the index of a bar to check the signal (0 - current, 1 - the last closed bar, etc.)
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