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Skynet Pro Fx

Skynet Pro Fx works with a simple strategy breaking resistance and support levels in Times Frames H1 and M30. For reliable and safe trading on charts recommend using H1. The strategy used in Skynet Pro FX is a simple strategy but the system includes many internal parameters and controls that are not user modifiable. We wanted to create it as simple as possible for all users both advanced and novice with parameters fitted to all Forex Brokers.

The expert version is available only for rent because we are not interested in sales. Sell signals in real accounts are active and the robot is working on various real accounts of different brokers but in a month the results will be available to the public.

The EA Skynet Pro FX is designed to work on ECN accounts with the EURUSD with a small margin Spread.

The H1 and M30 chart is recommended.

The default settings are good for EURUSD.

The EA is able to work well with both small and large deposits accounts.

The EA is working when determining entry points of resistance and support are broken. Stoploss used to ensure a minimum capital investment.

No problems for use with other EAs.


  • Pending Orders
  • Orders will be deleted or expired
  • Can work with fixed lot and can set margin
  • Expiration for pending orders
  • Can correct SL if slippage
  • Tight Stop Loss always
  • No martingale
  • Always use a stop loss to secure your investments
  • No pipsing or scalping
  • Easy settings to use


  • VPS
  • EURUSD Pair
  • ECN Broker Pro Accounts
  • Low Slippage Broker
  • Low Commission, Spread
  • H1 and M30 Time Frame

Setings Parameters Of The Expert Advisor


  • Magic: Magic Number for trading system


  • MoneyManagement: Is a way Forex traders control their money flow.
  • UseMM: True or False for use MoneyManagement.
  • Risk: How much % of account free margin is set to risk for each trade.
  • ManualLotSize: Lot size if automatic money management is disabled.


  • StopLoss: StopLoss in points.
  • TakeProfit: Take profit in points.


  • TrailingProfit: Trailing closed only with profit True-False
  • TrailingStop: Smart trailing point when order position is in profit.
  • TrailingStep: Smart trailing step in point when order position is in profit.


  • Slippage: Allowed slippage before order is ENTRY.
  • CommentEA: Comments trades Expert Advisor
2016.03.22 02:35 

This developer is a ignorant and stupid at the same time. I rented this EA (Sygnet Pro FX) and placed it with other EAs and it closed other EA's trades making them reopen trades over and over until a lot of commission and spread was paid. Each EA including this one I set with a distinct magic number. I lost a lot of money because of this ignorant fool. Also for 2 weeks the EA performed really bad having only losses. It is a poor copy of the AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA. Yes I am upset and for good reason. Do not rent or buy his crap until he learns how to code and make his EAs not interfere with others. I thrashed the rental, not worth it. Stay away.. is the best advice I can give you.

2016.02.12 19:49 

I think it's early to leave a review but I've been testing this robot since leaving for rent ...

And it's one of the few that convinces me ... I have 2 very good brokers with very low spreads successfully with minimal losses ... I hope in future versions do not change anything for now going well ... And please leave the rental price at $ 23 ... So far ... Highly recommended ...

Zainab El Issaoui
2016.02.10 23:03 

I like how it works ... The strategy is perfect and with little risk with stoploss of 1.5 Pips ... I'm recovering my losses I've had with other robots very expensive and do not work ... The rental option at low prices try is a good idea ... Others should learn ... Thank you for your product to me is great and I'm impressed by his performance ...

Version 3.9 - 2016.02.15
Autochecking of "Stop Levels" of different Brokers for automatic adjustment.
Version 3.7 - 2016.02.10
Troubleshoot initial modification of Trailing Stop for better loss control
Added a settings Brokers StopLevels to modify the initial StopLoss
Version 3.5 - 2016.02.08
Added new virtual trailing with better development and entry control adjusted to market volatility
Version 1.2 - 2016.01.29
Adding new internal adjustment SpecialTraining for the most stable and best performing EA