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Global Grid Algorithm Garmaliga

This Expert Advisor is based on Garmaliga trading system. It can be used in two ways: as a trading system or as a fully automated EA.


  1. Opening orders continuously.
  2. Managing each order's breakeven.
  3. Automatic profit fixing after reaching a specified parameter value.

This is done in order to avoid:

  1. Psychological factor. Humans are prone to errors, risk, weariness, etc.
  2. Technical factor. The EA is able to open and close orders, calculate breakeven at various characteristics according to the market situation and make corrections on a great number of orders simultaneously within a second, while that takes much more time and efforts when working manually.
  3. Profitability. The EA allows to involve the entire deposit and the current profit into the market movement, while constantly protecting each order.

The main thing is that we are always able to open a new order if all the previous ones have their breakeven level.

Besides, if a newly opened order has not received its breakeven due to a roll-back, it is deemed to be of no threat to our deposit because of its volume and relation to the deposit. Set an order size after you have mastered the EA's functionality and defined your target profit value within a specified time or market distance. Analytical data, calculations and conclusions are to be provided separately for a price as part of the indicator we are going to publish here after February 1, 2016.

The EA places the maximum possible amount of orders using the grid with a certain step. All orders are protected by setting a stop loss to breakeven. The EA performs no analysis and acts according to strictly defined rules: up from a certain starting level — only buy orders, down from a specified starting level — only sell orders.

You can fix the profit on your own or by enabling the automatic profit fixing. The profit value is specified separately.


The robot can work completely autonomously. However, its true power can be fully assessed only when used for opening the maximum amount of orders following the Garmaliga trading system.

The main objective of the indicator is to provide traders with a brand new trading principles. Automated trading should perceived only as a useful bonus. I do not recommend looking for parameters with the best results. Use the EA for its intended purpose instead.

Advantages and Features

  1. Opening and tracking a large array of orders in the necessary direction and required step.
  2. Managing a breakeven and Stop Loss both in the moment and in the array.
  3. Calculating profit and its automatic target or minimum fixing.
  4. Applying Garmaliga trading system algorithms.
  5. Closing an array of orders according to various rules.
  6. Strict adherence to set trading parameters.
  7. Trading various parameters on a single symbol without confusing the orders.
  8. Trading various symbols having different parameters.
  9. Ability to involve the entire deposit and current profit in trading.
  10. Full control of all trading operations in the array and reporting on the current situation.
  11. Ability to let the EA work autonomously on a VPS server.
  12. Automatic work termination after reaching a certain profit.
  13. Full trading statistics in a report file.
  14. Visible calculations.
  15. Speed of order opening operations, calculating breakeven, fixing profit.
  16. Excluding psychophysiological factors (like weariness).
  17. Simplifying trading, reducing risk, saving time. Consistency, clarity, increased knowledge.


To make the tester work faster, do the following:

  • Delete all chart windows.
  • Leave only GPBUSD in the Market Watch window removing everything else.
  • When testing with visualization, disable the background grid and track the bars at the closest possible scale: this will reduce the load on the terminal engine allowing the tester to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Make sure to set the spread equal to 2.
  • Test different dates. First, do it without visualization. If you have any questions, enable visualization to observe everything in details.
  • First, test multiplication = 1, then = 2 and 3. After that, make an addition equal to the first order and higher.
  • Step should not exceed 10 points, while indentation should not be larger than 20.
  • Aggregate autofixation should be from $0.1 to $100. Its objective is to work regardless of start point and trader's knowledge.

You may leave other modes intact since you do not need them at this stage. Your goal is to understand the EA's operation principles and laws. After that, you may go on expanding your knowledge on managing the robot. Those willing to join collaborative tests are welcome! Wisdom of crowds can always master scientific developments much faster and more efficiently.

The detailed description can be found in the Comments tab.

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