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System 01 Huge Trend PRO

System 01 Huge Trend PRO is a long-term trend-following system containing 40 different strategies for real trading. The system has been designed for professional traders rather than gamblers trying to guess the price direction or looking for brokers with minimum spreads and instant order execution.

No artificial tester screenshots, just actual results confirmed by live trading in 2015: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/103994.

This is a "set and forget" EA.


  • the EA protects your deposit from losing all the funds in a single trade as each position is accompanied by StopLoss;
  • adapted to any market conditions (slippages, spread expansions, gaps);
  • special account types are not required;
  • no specific trading conditions;
  • works with any broker;
  • no need to constantly monitor the EA and the market;
  • never trades against the market.


The EA contains 40 different systems/strategies divided into two groups:

  • 20 for trading breakthroughs;
  • 20 for trading roll-backs.

Each strategy uses five-factor authorization for opening a position: 4 different indicator + mathematical calculations. Each strategy has its own algorithm and is completely independent.

The values of each indicator or calculation are taken from different time intervals: М30, H1, H4, D1, and W1.

Suppose that Strategy_1 can use Indicator_1 on М30, Indicator_2 on Н1, Indicator_3 on D1 and math calculations on W1.

The system features the common money management system (risk/profitability) ratio that automatically defines the lot volume depending on the capital size. Besides, each of the 40 systems features its own order management function. It tracks the orders of only one system and decides on the next order's lot volume depending on the amount of loss-making orders.

All 40 strategies use:

  • their own market entry conditions;
  • individual StopLoss: 90-160 pips (4 digits);
  • if necessary, profit can be limited by TP;
  • each system manages only its own orders;
  • individual money management (apart from the one used for common trading).
Currency pair – EURUSD, timeframe – M30.

The most important inputs

  • MoneyManagement = true – enable/disable the common money management function;
  • MaximumRisk_per_One_Order = 1 – maximum risk per one order in %. For example, if the value is 1.7, position's lot size is calculated so that the loss does not exceed 1.7% of the entire deposit in case the price reaches StopLoss;
  • LosOrd = 4 – amount of loss-making orders to be tracked by each subsystem in history.
  • enabling money management;
  • MaxLots = 50 – maximum lot size;
  • Lot = 0.01 – lot size if MoneyManagement = false;
  • Additional_Decimals = true – 5-digit broker. If false, a 4-digit one;
  • UseTrailing = true – use trailing stop. If false, the function is disabled;
  • TrailingStep = 1 – trailing step, in points.
Antonio Martinez
2017.10.27 19:49 

Die EA ist sehr schlecht. Schade um das Geld für die EA und das Geld auf dem Konto. Schade!

Alle alle offenen Trades nun von Hand geschlossen, und beende es ab sofort.

Ich kann heute sagen, alle drei EA's von Stanislau sind nichts wert!!!

Unglaublich schlecht. Und das für ein 3400$ Produkt! Da fühlt man sich betrogen .....


2017.08.15 10:52 

I started in mid-February 2016 and I am still in losses 18 months later using System 01 and System 05 (both at losses).

The author dropped both signals, which is always a very bad sign. It seems the author's attention has switched to another EA, the scalper, because it is now a good seller on MT4. Unfortunately it gives impression that the author is much more interested by selling, than correcting his two original EAs that struggle right now. It's been months that both System 01 and System 05 are on hold now.

The EA looked promising, and I wanted to believe, but it just never delivered. A disappointment.

2017.02.26 18:26 

I'm giving this EA 5 stars for now because the way it written, very reasonable EA with no crazy risks which would blow up your account. I'm still to determine it's profitability yet but as of now, this EA gets my vote of confidence. If anything changes I will adjust my rating accordingly.

Also, given the author plans on adding other supported pairs to this EA, once he is done, I believe this EA would be a total package.


Given the recent bad months for this EA and his other EA. I'm downgrading my ratings. At this stage, I personally could not recommend anyone this EA.

Kirill Maloletkin
2017.02.07 09:59 

Отличный советник для долгосрочной стратегии.

Frank B
2016.06.14 14:05 

My first 6 weeks not really impressiv, similar as you can see by the signal, too.

Ok, it's a longterm. I update my review in the future.

2016.06.09 22:52 

Использую этот советник для работы на реальном счете с 1 июня 2016. Пока все стратегии отрабатывали строго по тренду и только в плюс!

Все сделки открываются с стоп-приказами, в период выхода сильных новостей стратегии не срабатывают, что тоже плюс этому советнику (возможно, это пока "везение" в силу малого срока реальной работы). Прекрасно уживается с другими советниками, считаю, хорошее приобретение в свой портфель...

ubnt77773333 Александр Максимов
2016.06.08 22:24   

Very good EA! I recommend it to all.

Xu Tang
2016.05.10 04:37 

It is a good EA, no high risk, professional work. but use this EA need some patience, you can't expect it get profit every day, we have to accept periodical drawdown.

Zhiping Li
2016.04.20 11:18 

I like automated trading, I am satisfied with the test results, so, I am full of expection for product, thanks to the author, I started on a firm offer, I will update the results in the future.

2016.03.22 10:22 

I like this EA. It is a promising one.

Thorsten Rohweder
2016.03.21 17:00 

Good and steady profit

2016.03.20 09:55 

I have used this EA on a real account since January. Results are the same as Stanislau's signals. Just like any other trend system, when the market is flat there are drawdowns - but the drawdowns are very much controlled by this EA. So far, this is proving to be one of the best EA's in this market.

2016.03.20 08:17 

For a month, it's great EA, and looking forward to seeing extend work of EA in the future.

Version 13.8 - 2017.06.28
1. Implemented multi-trading in each of the 40 systems (for 8 as of now), i.e. 24 hours after the main position is opened, the EA constantly monitors the market entry signals (so-called minisystems) for trading during low volatility.
2. Added individual conditions for minisystems:
- the number of traded deals;
- step between orders (minimum is 30 pips);
- interval between orders (minimum is 24 hours).
3. The main position uses an individual TrailingStop and unlimited TakeProfit.
4. Minisystems use a limited TakeProfit and a separate TrailingStop (different from that of the main position).
5. The minisystems use a multi-level TakeProfit, depending on the number of open positions.
6. The minisystems use a multi-level TrailingStop, depending on the number of open positions.
7. Added the function for automatically closing all (main and minisystem) orders when reaching a certain profit.
8. For ease of use and full control over the entire system, a panel will be added to the final version.
Version 11.15 - 2016.07.05
This is the final version of the release 11 (v.11.15_Final), which will not require optimizations and adjustments for the next 6-12 months.

Updated and optimized the strategies:
- BUY_1,
- BUY_12,
- BUY_9,
- BUY_10,
- SELL_12,
- SELL_2,
- SELL_72.
Version 11.8 - 2016.06.21
Scheduled upgrade to version 11.

Updated and optimized the strategies:
- BUY_22,
- BUY_4,
- BUY_42,
- BUY_5,
- BUY_7,
- BUY_82,
- SELL_4,
- SELL_10.
Version 10.6 - 2016.03.10
Updated and optimized the following strategies:
- BUY_1,
- BUY_2,
- BUY_9,
- SELL_32.
Version 10.2 - 2016.01.04
This is a final version of release 10 (v.10.2_Final), which will not require optimization or correction for the next 6-12 months.