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The robot works on EUR/USD currency pair on the H1 timeframe.

Calculation: 0,1 lot per $500 (can be less, but not more). The same happens when the deposit increases.

The robot works according to personal patterns and is adjusted in a way that it enters only the strongest trades. Works with stop loss and take profit. The robot is suitable for long term investment. Trade only on five-digit quotes. For example: the price of EUR/USD - 1.12345. If 4, then the settings need to be adjusted a little.

Preferable spread value is 20 points or less.

The lot is increased by 0.1 when increasing the deposit by $500.


  • Order: lot - initial lot size
  • Order: lot growth (in lot) - lot increase step
  • Order: lot growth at elevated balance - after what value the lot increase will trigger
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