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The Calculation tool calculates order volume based on the balance and possible loss with a preset risk. Also displays information about the time before the close of the candlestick, and converts the current funds to the selected currency. It shows how much is left to the target (in the converted currency).

It has an option to close the terminal after a losing trade (if there are no open orders). When you then starts the terminal, it will close preventing order opening during two hours. This is very useful when it's hard to control oneself after a losing trade.

You can select English or Russian language.

How to Use

A possible loss is set by dragging a line on a chart.

To convert currencies, the selected currency pair should be displayed., where the first currency is the account currency the second is the one you want to convert to.

Input Parameters

  • Text color for names
  • Text color for values
  • Text color for the clock
  • Line color
  • Text size for calculated values
  • Text size for the clock
  • Risk in percentage - risk as % of deposit
  • Profit/loss ratio
  • Cent account - account type, cent - true, dollar - false
  • Currency conversion
  • Lot Size
  • Close terminal after a loss
  • Target - target in the converted currency
  • English-true, Russian-false
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