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Mr Schmitt Robot MT5

MR. Schmitt Robot MT5 is fully automated Forex Expert Advisor. Robot has 2 strategies, the strategies based on price levels' breakout with smart Take profit and Stop loss. Take profit always is 21 pips and Stop loss always is 14 pips. Robot best work on EURUSD pair on H1 timeframe.


  • Always use pending orders
  • Take profit always bigger than stop loss (tp 21/sl 14)
  • No martingale or martingale elements
  • No grid
  • No hedging
  • There are no risky strategy elements
  • Best work on EUR/USD 1H
  • You can start as little as 200$ deposit
  • Ability choose fixed lot or risk %.


  • Risk
  • delete pending orders at Friday

Ease to set up,just choose your risk % and set time in "delete pending orders at Friday" before your broker close market at Friday it's important cause need to delete pending orders before ending week.


Best work on EURUSD 1H pair. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS.

If you have question or you need help, fell free and contact me.


  • Risk: money management by risk %
  • Slippage: permissible slippage for opening an order
  • Stop loss: stop loss in pips
  • Take profit: take profit in pips
  • Pending order offset: pips offset from candle high/low
  • Trailing stop: trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step: one trailing step
  • Trailing start: pips offset from the open price
  • open time for strategy1: time the order will be placed according to strategy 1
  • delete pending orders at Friday: depends on your broker, set time before your broker closes at Friday evening. The robot needs to close pending orders and start next week from zero
  • Comment: comment of orders
  • Magic number: unique number for each chart
qwe trader
2016.04.02 19:03 

Unable to get consistent profits. To be viable you must add other parameters, such as a maximum daily loss.

Peter de Haas
2016.03.30 21:58 

big loss on mt5