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The last candle of a day is formed at 23:00 GMT. The terminal time should be compared to GMT, and Hour parameter should be adjusted for trading according to GMT. The EA trades using the indicator signals based on the trade sessions and Price Action pattern.

A stop loss is set for an order followed by breakeven. Trailing stop is activated afterwards. If an order closes with a loss, a stop order of an opposite type is opened at the price:

  1. For a buy stop - stop loss of the last closed sell order + Step points.
  2. For a sell stop - stop loss of the last closed buy order - Step points, pending order lot is twice the size of a previous market order.

If a pending order is not activated, it is deleted in an hour specified in Hour_Delete. The parameter should be set to the last hour of a working day.


  • Hour - candle hour
  • Hour_Delete - pending order removal hour
  • SL - order stop loss
  • SL_Pending - pending order stop loss
  • Step - distance (in points) between the last order's stop loss and an opposite pending stop order
  • Lot - lot
  • Profit_Level - if position is profitable for Profit_Level points
  • SL_Plus - set breakeven
  • Profit_Level2 - if position is profitable for Profit_Level2 points
  • TrailingStop2 - amount of points, within which a stop loss follows the price
  • Slip - slippage
  • Magic - magic number
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