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Weekly bank

A very advanced trading system, based on the market's pattern to open and close like a spring. It is recommended to attach this multi-currency Expert Advisor to a weekly timeframe only, the EA calculates bar size and lot opening size by itself, it trades both fixed and dynamic lots. Due to the large number of input parameters, you can customize it to fit your needs yourselves.


  • Symbol - Symbols separated by commas.
  • MinSizeBar - Minimum bar size, that is, if the bar found on a certain symbol is less than this value, the trade is not opened.
  • TimeFrame - Time frame of the bars, i.e. specify the EA operation time.
  • FixLot - Fixed lot.
  • MM - Dynamic lot. If false - disabled.
  • Risk - Risk. When the dynamic lot function is enabled.
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss.
  • Com - Comment to trades.
  • Magic - Magic number.
  • DelayOpen - Trade opening delay in minutes.
  • DelayClose - Trade closing delay in minutes.
  • Trailing - Enable/disable trailing. If false - disabled.
  • TrailingStart - Start trailing after
  • TrailingStop - Number of points for trailing
  • TrailingStep - Trailing step.


It is necessary for the name to be the same with the one in the market watch, if it is EURUSD then in the EA it must be EURUSD, if EurUsd then in the EA it must be EurUsd, if p_EurUsdp then in the EA it must be p_EurUsdp, otherwise orders will not be opened. As this is a multi-currency EA, it is necessary to specify the symbols specified below in the Symbol parameter, the EA will calculate the bar size and will open the most suitable trade for this strategy.

This is a multi-currency EA, therefore it cannot be properly tested in the strategy tester. Testing must be conducted on a demo account. For the EA to operate correctly in real time, it is necessary to specify all the recommended pairs in the Symbol parameter string.


  • The EA can be attached only to one W1 chart.
  • Timeframe is W1
  • A broker with low spread
  • The minimum leverage is 1:500
  • The minimum deposit per 0.01 lot is $200
2016.07.03 23:23 

Risky system. I had strong losses because of a buy GBPCHF which turned out badly. Problem is, with only one (big) position per week, it can cause strong losses if the position turns out to be a bad one.

EDIT : A bug this week on EURJPY (see comments), and then, losses again. I am afraid this system may not be profitable as SL are much, much bigger than profits.

EDIT 2 : Again the same problem this week and the author didn't do anything to help. Again some losses. Very disapointed.

2016.06.13 16:33   

I see all positive reviews here, this ea has nothing to protect your capital; it just put in a trade at 00:10 = delay minute then either stop loss,huge, or take profit ,small, will happen. Last 2 weeks it was stop loss, with the provided setfile it means your money is gone, please adjust to use MM true and then put in x.y percent. Due to brexit issue removing gbp pairs migth help also. Seller is responsive

2016.06.13 14:20 

Disappointing. 2nd week in a row with heavy loss (with recommended set file), Not recommended.

Kevin Simpson
2016.05.11 04:39 

Good EA. I have been using it on a real account for about a month, and it had made good profits. Also, I am experimenting with other time frames, but my real money account is using the weekly time frame and set file as recommended.

Dennis Landin
2016.03.22 19:42 

Cool Ea just set it on Sunday and it will give profit on Monday :)

Wendi Zheng
2016.01.13 16:56 

It's great EA.

The TF is the key,different parameters will get different performance.

I got good result on real account with this EA.