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ZONE is a semi-automatic Expert Advisor.

You perform the first trade manually using a small panel on a symbol chart. After that, the EA sets a stop loss, a take profit and a pending order with a doubled volume in case the market goes against you, etc.

The Expert Advisor tries to close a series of trades in a profit.

The main EA parameters can be changed directly on the panel.

The EA can work with ECN accounts.


  • FirstLot - initial (manual) trade volume;
  • Zone - distance between the opposite orders (used as a stop loss);
  • TP - TP:SL (for example, 1.5 means TakeProfit = 1.5 x StopLoss);
  • Slip - slippage.
2015.12.15 20:51 

Nice tool

As any martingale type of semi EA, it needs some protection and settings on top of a direct control on trades.

Here some ideas for update 2.1 :

- lot multiply by : to set, not only x2, by choice of trader according to SL/TP ratio for ex.

- maximum rotation : 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128... it can go very high and margin call will not follow

- maximum DD

- Breakeven on which rotation : for example, after 2nd trade (x2), breakeven is fine

for example, lot 1 lost (-100); trade 2 is 2 lots, just need half of pips for breakeven if SL/TP = 1.1, on 3rd trade (4 lots) , needs 75% of initial pips, etc...

therefor, it could be interesting to stop breakeven on 2nd or 3rd rotation

So far, good idea for a start, different type of martingale, but as any martingale, it is not holy grail, needs control and volatility higher than 1.5 x SL/TP ratio, x2 is even better

If not, you could be trapped in a spiral of trades calling all your capital margin for a tiny win at the end... scary.

Please update your semi EA quick to make it a good use for some kind of trading system, not systematic ones, but could be useful in certain condition of market or quick scalping on certain period of time

Version 2.0 - 2015.12.01
Added the possibility to work on several instruments.