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Exp VirtualTralinStop

This Expert Advisor runs a trailing stop on a level invisible to the broker server. Available trailing stop size starts from 1 point.

Exp VirtualStoplossTakeprofit - virtual stop loss and take profit.


  • Order_Magic - magic number. -1 means all orders.
  • MagikToClose - identifier of positions and/or orders. Usually, positions opened by the EA have unique identifiers. For the EA to "pay attention" to positions with a specific identifier, indicate it in this field. Positions opened manually usually have MagicNumber=0. Specifying a negative value in this parameter allows the EA working with positions and orders with any identifiers.
  • Order_Symbol - 1 means all symbols, 0 means the current symbol only.
  • SymbolToClose - selecting positions by a symbol. If it is set to 1, the Expert Advisor being installed on one chart will control all position by all trade instruments. If it is set to "0", the Expert Advisor will control positions by the symbol which chart it is attach to. In this case, the EA can be installed on several charts of different instruments a time. Also you can specify the name of a specific instrument, for example: "eurusd". In this case, the Expert Advisor will control positions by EURUSD. At that, it doesn't matter to what chart the EA is attached.
  • TrailingStop - size of the virtual trailing stop.
  • ProFitOrderOnly - it makes the virtual trailing stop trigger only for positions with positive profit (scalping mode).
  • InfoVTSS - show information stored in the memory buffer for analyzing obtained results.
Daniel Ernst
2017.03.15 15:03 

great the best Product ever.

2016.10.03 16:09 

This does what it says on the tin and it works even for UK spread-betting accounts unlike a lot of other products herein the marketplace. Great EA.

2014.12.30 12:52 

Very Good EA for your trailing stop and break-even profit. I also like the after sales support from the seller. If you want to catch the small moves as well as the big ones this an EA for you.

Version 15.978 - 2015.11.23
Modified the EA algorithm. Increased the virtual closing rate.
Version 15.216 - 2015.05.29
The Expert Advisor has been recompiled with the latest compiler version