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About Expert Advisor

The Expert Advisor does not use any indicators, it works in two directions at a time. When moving in one direction, the robot increases the number and volume of trades. It uses only fixed stop loss. Voluem increase is used only in the price direction.


  • fixed stop loss;
  • low broker requirements (leverage, spread);
  • can be used for rebate service due to a large number of trades.


  • L - lot size;
  • Sl - fixed stop loss;
  • Step - step of trades;
  • KMartin - trade volume increase ratio;
  • TrSL - stop loss trailing;
  • MaxSpread - spread filter;
  • MagicNum - order ID on this chart

For more details please see the Comments page.

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Version 1.50 - 2015.12.03
New parameter Risk - lot calculation as percent of deposit